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In 2011, the freelance economy was picking up steam and entrepreneurial, talented attorneys were looking for new ways to practice law off the rigid partner track with more autonomy and dignity than traditional staffing agencies provided.



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Large law firms and legal departments were ramping up their usage of traditional staffing firms while small firms were turning to Craigslist to find flexible legal talent as the business of law demanded more efficiency and flexibility. But the process was time-consuming, expensive, often dehumanizing to candidates and not so great at finding highly skilled and experienced attorneys for the mission-critical work that law practices were increasingly outsourcing to flexible talent. 

As lawyers and developers who knew the freelance and legal worlds well we were determined to create an exciting and sophisticated solution that put freelance legal talent in control of their careers all while making the process smoother and easier for those who hired them. 

What developed over the years was an online legal staffing platform to smooth and automate the process.  Our quest to automate the softer skills and intuition of the best recruiters led us to develop and implement a proprietary legal industry-specific Psychometric assessment process backed by decades of research on predicting candidate performance by assessing soft skills aka “Moneyball for legal hiring.” Our platform’s ability to analyze candidate soft skills and expertise and match them best changed the game for predicting the performance of permanent and temporary hires and made us a truly automated recruiting market place. Today, over 70% of our placements result from our instant, automated recommendations. And while our mission was always 100% to make the best matches, we were pleasantly surprised to see that data-driven matches resulted in 15% increase in diverse hires.... As our contractor call back rate more than doubled and our law practices hiring their temporary legal professionals to full time roles tripled. 

Today, we have >2% of the active US attorney population on our platform and ~1% of US law firms and we have expanded to paralegals and other legal professionals. Thousands of law firms, law practices and LPOs of all sizes work with us and the world’s largest law firm has invested in us. AMLaw 200 firms are partnering with us to build out their own modern legal service units and meet the challenges of Alternative Fee Arrangements and demand for legal services as well as to bring our proprietary “Moneyball for legal hiring” method in house to optimize their own hiring process. True to our entrepreneurial roots, we’re the most excited to be enabling a new generation of small, scalable and agile entrepreneurial law firms. Our fastest growing market are law firms of 1-20 attorneys and this market has been doubling to tripling for us since 2016.  

We couldn’t have done any of this without our growing network of forward-thinking law firms, legal departments, legal service companies and legal professionals that have participated in and guiding our journey. 

We look forward to continuing to build the future of the legal career and the legal workforce, with you. 

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Meet Our Team

Julia Shapiro, CEO and Founder

Julia Shapiro

CEO and Founder

Catherine Enck, Chief Operating Officer

Catherine Enck

Chief Operating Officer

Leonard Pratt, Chief Technology Officer

Leonard Pratt

Chief Technology Officer

Anuj Shah, Vice President of Recruiting

Anuj Shah

VP of Recruiting

Eric Fox, Director of People Analytics

Eric Fox

Director of People Analytics

Brian Ewing, Director of Customer Success

Brian Ewing

Director of Customer Success

Elana Bell, Legal Recruiter and Client Success Manager

Elana Bell

Legal Recruiter and Client Success Manager

Tiffany Taylor, Office and Accounting Manager

Tiffany Taylor

Office and Accounting Manager

Jose Sanchez, Front End Developer

Dario Sanchez

Front End Developer


We're changing the way legal professionals work, for good.

Join us!


We're changing the way legal professionals work, for good. Join us!



About Us_Halftone background.png