Legal Recruiting was
stuck in 1965
We've rebuilt it for
today & tomorrow


Hire an Esquire was founded in 2011 as a response to a new way of work emerging; one where talented and skilled attorneys were entrepreneurial and autonomous and could build a career off of the rigid partner track. Our vision included a world where attorneys and law firms and in-house legal departments responded quickly to the pressures of an on-demand economy and the career and business risks associated with a volatile legal market.

In this world, we realized brick & mortar staffing agencies (with their paper, antiquated processes, lack of transparency and high overhead) had to go.

We’ve rebuilt legal recruiting and staffing from the ground up, using a sophisticated online platform that analyzes a candidate’s experience and expertise and matches attorneys with contract and permanent positions at law firms and legal departments of all sizes. The result? Efficient and, dare we say it, enjoyable legal recruiting. 

Since 2012, Hire an Esquire has grown to 14 core employees in 5 offices across the country, with a growing network of over 6,000 vetted attorneys and 200+ registered Am Law 200 firms, boutique firms, and in-house legal departments. Read more about How It Works or check out our FAQs.

Our Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

As an attorney, Julia became intrigued by the contract attorney world and those that occupied it – novelists, opera singers, entrepreneurs and dedicated travelers.

Julia is Hire an Esquire’s CEO and is based in San Francisco. She has previously been an adjunct law professor, Am Law 200 contract attorney, and subject matter expert for legal industry clients.

Hi Leva

Chief Revenue Officer

Hi was most recently Vice President of Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Technology at Propel Financial Services, a boutique financial services and fintech firm.

He was previously the Senior Vice President of Sales, Sales Operations & PMO at Clear Channel Outdoor, a $1.5B advertising and media firm, where he drove innovation and championed strategic initiatives for the sales team.

Hi’s experience as an international sales industry leader, growth strategist, and marketing innovator is key to guiding Hire an Esquire’s growth and industry adoption.

Catherine Enck

Vice President of Operations

Catherine’s experience guiding a fledgling startup through a merger gives her the perspective and background necessary to sustain a growing company.

She brings experience from finance, accounting, and tech industries to Hire an Esquire, where she’s all about designing clean, solid processes that empower team members to reach their potential.

Lenny Pratt

Chief Technology Officer

Lenny has a passion for software, technology, and emerging companies. Hire an Esquire is Lenny’s second startup since earning a Computer Science degree.

After moving to Pittsburgh from Boston and learning about Hire an Esquire—Lenny wanted to be a part of it. Lenny is now CTO of Hire an Esquire and 100% focused on making Hire an Esquire the place that attorneys go to work.

Irena Kin

Director of Customer Success and Marketing

Irena is a former litigator and competitive ballroom dancer with a passion for persuasion and data. As a lawyer, she enjoys the challenge of bringing tech solutions to the legal industry and helping lawyers work smarter.

At Hire an Esquire, Irena is thrilled to be part of the future of law and strives to bring every Hire an Esquire user a delightful experience from start to finish.

Anuj Shah

Director of Recruiting

Anuj is a former startup lawyer and tech founder who has spent his career helping companies and candidates find the right “fit”. He is passionate about helping companies leverage new technologies to solve old problems.

After learning about Hire an Esquire’s exploits, Anuj couldn’t resist the opportunity to simultaneously move the legal and recruiting industries forward. As the Director of Legal Recruiting, he spends his days helping law practices and lawyers build the ultimate working relationships.