Our Most Popular Blog Posts from 2018


The team at Hire an Esquire had a blast engaging with the legal community in 2018 both on and offline. And the interests, dreams, and anxieties of our community inspire not only how we continue to refine and build our product— but also the content we contribute to the conversation.

Our favorite part of putting together engaging content for you, our audience, is looking at our content analytics.

Our year-end analytics provide a particularly rich perspective on the industry. So what was the legal community most interested in this year? Look below for our top 7 posts of 2018

1. How Much Does a Contract Attorney Cost?
2. 4 Vital Soft-Skills For Top Legal Talent
3. Alternative Fee Agreements in Practice
4. The Ultimate Guide to Good Legal Writing
5. Opportunities in Cannabis Law
6. Our Top Five Productivity Tools for Lawyers
7. From Proskauer to Pints

7. From Proskauer to Pints

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