Silicon Valley Success Secrets

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“Move on up, and keep on wishing

Remember your dream is your only scheme

So keep on pushing”

~Curtis Mayfield, “Move on Up”

In 2015 we first began exploring motivation at work and in the legal industry. We had just opened our San Francisco office and began relationships with our first iconic Silicon Valley in-house legal departments and law firms.  

Bay Area AMLaw firms were having serious trouble recruiting and retaining talent as other opportunities emerged for associates and the sense of BigLaw job security waned. The talent shortage was severe enough that law firms were beginning to reconsider the hazing and pay-your-dues mentality of the associate track.  Benefits like flexible starts to the workday to avoid traffic were being added into the mix of rising salaries and gourmet subsidized cafeterias.

Yet, both research and anecdotes from law firm associates and workers in high-stress, high-paying jobs stated that salaries could only do so much to retain talent if a workplace was sufficiently demoralizing —particularly when work intruded into every waking and sleeping hour.

Workplace perks were meaningless if entering your workplace caused a sense of dread or brought on a panic attack

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In response, we created a presentation called “So You Want to Be the Google of Law Firms.” It hit a nerve. It was requested by groups of law firm recruiter associations and major law firms for partner retreats.

As we greet 2019, job security becomes more elusive. The rapid pace of change continues with large and stable companies crumbling. Law firm salaries keep climbing as firms up their perks game with personal concierge services, nap pods, and full service gyms with spin classes and physical therapy.

Silicon Valley companies are falling from grace as big law firms and lawyers are finding greater purpose and missions as warriors of justice. There are wider industry conversations happening about anxiety, depression, and suicide. The research and interest in developing intrinsic employee motivation have increased across all industries.

So, we thought it was time to update our research and insights for a wider legal industry audience.

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But within this chaos, there are research and success stories that we hope will be learning opportunities and hints to a way forward.

And, as a company by lawyers for lawyers, we think the lawyer’s role in society is more important than ever right now. Keeping lawyers motivated and aware of their full potential in their individual careers and society, may be just what law firms and the world need right now.

We hope that you find our research on building an inspiring law firm culture useful and entertaining—and that you share with us your own success stories, insights, and lessons learned.

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