Document Review Bench


Amidst the recent chaotic legal and political news, all sides can agree: good document review (and particularly diligence towards redactions!) is important. Minor errors in document review can cause major damage to a case— as well as to the reputation of a client and their law firm. On the flip side, finding the smoking gun document can be the cornerstone of a winning case.

This is why we take staffing document reviews seriously at Hire an Esquire. Our document reviewers must pass our on-boarding and assessment process —just like our candidates applying to our other roles like flex senior in-house counsel or contract based AMLaw 50 associate.

We’ve staffed everything from 1-2 person document reviews at boutique litigation firms, to teams of foreign language reviewers for multi-year projects at AMLaw 50 firms, to 90+ attorneys reviews for our e-discovery partners. With this, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge— and data— on what creates an outstanding reviewer.

We know our reviewers by name and value their time and diligence in this important but often under-appreciated area of law. We’ve discovered quite a few document review rockstars over the years and are always looking for more— particularly since our rock stars regularly build career bridges to other areas of e-discovery and project management through working with us. We’ve supported and cheered for them as they have been hired for permanent roles by our partners and clients.

So, we’re now launching the Hire an Esquire Document Review Bench—our way of identifying and rewarding our most reliable, hard-working, and talented reviewers. Our bench is where we will go first for all of our reviews and where our top document review attorneys will be rewarded. Here are the general criteria for getting on the bench:

  • Professionalism - Are you courteous and appropriate with the client, fellow reviewers, and our team members?

  • Time Management - Each review can have unique rules about hours/day, hours/week, and overtime. Did you carefully read the rules and follow them?

  • Hours Worked - How many hours have you worked on HAE reviews?

  • Client Feedback - What did our clients have to say about your work product and quality?

Here are more details on the specific benefits and criteria:


*We have negotiated higher hourly rates for Gold and Platinum Bench Attorneys with some of our major e-discovery partners and clients. We cannot guarantee higher rates for all clients but of course, platinum and gold members will always receive all other benefits.


Benefits of being “on the Bench” begin immediately and we’ve already determined the tiers of our current reviewers. We will be sending out emails within the next few weeks letting our current reviewers know if they’ve made the bench and if so, their status.

Our product team is currently hard at work on formalizing new platform features for members of our bench so stay tuned! In the meantime, we’ll be sure to update you at least 3 times per year via email and of course feel free to reach out and ask if you’re ever wondering.

We looking forward to building up our bench with our amazing reviewers and continuing to connect our clients with the best reviewers at record-breaking speed!