What We’ve Built Together


Our team noticed that our latest product video feels different than the others we’ve made in the past. It’s not just that we’ve vastly improved our timing (we have) or that the user experience and functionality have grown by leaps and bounds (it has). It’s also because this one showcases what is possible when the amazing work of our internal team joins forces with our tens of thousands of users working together on thousands of projects over hundreds of thousands of hours. You, our users, are the co-stars of this video... and the co-creators of Hire an Esquire.

Providing instant access to the right jobs, the perfect talent fit, and being the place where a new generation of attorneys goes to work has been Hire an Esquire’s mission from day 1.  But it’s taken a while to get there...

The legal industry is notoriously resistant to change and technology adoption, and in the early days, most predicted that Hire an Esquire would not survive. Not only have we survived, but we’ve built a professional marketplace and concept that is yet to exist in any other industry, all thanks to the members of our community— especially those early adopters who innovated with us. Here’s what we’ve accomplished together:

What We've Built Together.png

Thank you for being a vital part of Hire an Esquire, and we can’t wait to see what we make together in the years to come!