The Future of Hiring is Here


The Official Launch of Fit Score Assessments is here!

What Are Fit Score Assessments?

We tap into the industry practices of organizational psychology to empower our clients with a set of data-driven hiring tools, and to bring you impressive candidates that are a pleasure to work with and of course, highly qualified. Our Assessments will help you measure and compare the soft skill core competencies of your candidates during the hiring process. We utilize valid and reliable psychometric assessments tailored for the legal industry to help you:

  • Predict high performing employees

  • Understand the potential strengths of a candidate

  • Streamline screening and selection time

  • Reduce the likelihood and cost of a mis-hire


What Does This Mean For You?

When you post a job on Hire an Esquire you will have the option to complete a job analysis form which ranks soft skills important for the role.

We take it from there: our proprietary algorithm, optimized for the legal workplace, will calculate a Fit Score based on candidate results from the workstyle assessment for soft skills as well as the hard skills highlighted in their background experience. This will give you greater insight into the ideal candidate for your organization and this specific role— helping you to make better hiring decisions.


Why Fit Score Assessments?

Traditional hiring methods such as resume reviews, pedigree, and unstructured interviews are ways to measure whether a candidate has the hard skills required for a job, but they have proven to yield no results in predicting actual job performance. We created Fit Score Assessments to help you bridge the gap between identifying candidates that are merely capable, and identifying candidates that will perform exceptionally.

How do I learn more?

We have put together this handy guide to Fit Score Assessments to help you use this feature on your next job posting. You can also reach out to us directly at, or by phone at 412-214-9471

If you have thoughts on how Fit Score Assessments can grow and improve, we would love to hear them!


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