The Best Tools for Small Law Firms


For small law firms and solos, picking the right practice management tools can make the difference between making practice management a business-building asset or a time-sucking drain on your resources. If you also have involuntary flashbacks to TimeMatters (shudder) when you hear about practice management tools, never fear, there are a host of new and user-friendly options out there now. We’ve made a quick list of the ones we hear about most from our clients below:

Side by Side Comparisons(7).png

Clio: The Real OG of small/solo practice management, Clio is used widely in the legal industry mostly by solo and small firms, but increasingly also by mid-size and large firms. With over 150,000 clients and more than 300 5 star reviews, it’s hard to go wrong with Clio. You can choose between Clio Manage, Clio Grow, or Clio Suite which includes everything from the other two products. Clio has you covered on every front and their integrations are one of their big draws. Frankly, there isn’t much that Clio doesn’t do.

Rocket Matter: The Original Original, Rocket Matter was the first online practice management solution. In addition to being the first to market with this kind of solution, Rocket Matter has won awards three years in a row for their excellent customer service. If you’ve ever waited days or weeks for a truly awful response to a support ticket, then you know how valuable quality support is in conjunction with effective technology. RocketMatter shines in cash flow management and helping you get paid, a lot of their features are geared toward helping you cut down on time spent chasing after payments.

Practice Panther: A bit newer on the scene but gaining a lot of positive traction, Practice Panther claims to be the easiest practice management tool on the market. Their ratings seem to confirm this and it might be because they are embracing K.I.S.S. (we’ve rebranded as Keep It Simple + Sassy). They boast a 30-day money back guarantee, and time-starved attorneys or practice managers who just want an effective billing, payment, CRM, and client portal without too many bells and whistles are a good match for Practice Panther.

Have your own favorite practice management tool? Give us a shout and let us know who you love and why.