How Are Your People Skills?

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Client charmer or hard-nosed negotiator? Take our quiz and find out

Hiring decisions are traditionally based on education, unstructured interviews, resumes, and years of experience. These methods can evaluate knowledge and experience, but are ultimately poor predictors of an employee’s success at a role.

Employees’ “soft skills” aren’t found on resumes, but a wealth of research from industrial/ organizational (I/O) psychology has found that these traits correlate to workplace success and can be assessed and quantified (assuming that the candidate has the right “hard skills” and abilities and experience to perform a role).

Different soft skills are important for different roles. One trait that is key to success in many roles— particularly in professional services, management, customer service, and leadership roles— is the ability to interact with others and manage relationships.

This competency is known as interpersonal sensitivity and deals with how tactful a person is in interacting with and managing others. The traits measured for this competency are rooted in the “agreeableness” factor, found in the five-factor model of personality. Remember, there is no "right" score. Being extremely agreeable may be beneficial in some roles, but detrimental in others.

Want to know more about your own interpersonal skills and how they might best help you meet your personal and career goals? Take the quiz below, by I/O psychology practitioner and Director of People Analytics at Hire an Esquire, Eric Fox, M.S., and find out!

The results of the quiz are only as good as the answers—honesty will get the most reliable results. At Hire an Esquire we triangulate self-assessments with references and structured behavioral interviews to provide further insight and nuance when pairing candidates with the best position.