We Predict Kim Kardashian’s Success as a Lawyer


With our research-based and proven Moneyball for Legal Hiring method

Kim Kardashian Attorney Fit Score.png

Kim Kardashian’s recently revealed that she is apprenticing at a law firm in line with  California’s “Reading the Law” Provision which will allow her to take the 2022 California Bar.  Many outside of the legal industry suddenly became experts on legal education and predicting legal performance—mocking and dismissing Kardashian’s legal aspirations.

At Hire an Esquire, we were impressed by the approach she has taken and the results she has gotten thus far in Criminal Justice Reform advocacy and decided to take a deeper and more research-driven look at Ms. Kardashian’s potential as a lawyer.

We applied our proven “Moneyball” for legal hiring method to predict Kim Kardashian’s performance as a Civil Litigation attorney. This produces a “fit score” based on what traits correlate to success in a particular legal role and an assessment of a candidate’s corresponding traits. We assess the traits of legal professionals registered and verified on our platform by triangulating data that we collect during our onboarding process from 1) references 2) self-assessments  3) a structured behavioral interview. In this case, Hire an Esquire’s own Industrial/organizational psychology expert Eric Fox has scored Ms. Kardashian’s traits relevant to the role of Civil Litigation attorney based on 1) other’s commentary and descriptions of her 2) her own self-reported traits 3) how she has reacted and performed in various situations. Note that Kim has not taken our proprietary assessments, but would be welcome to do so.  These scores are based on displayed characteristics in the media and the accounts of others, real results may differ.

The overall fit score for Civil Litigation Attorney: 82

High scores on the below traits have shown to correlate to high performance and success as a civil litigator. A fit score is a percentile rank of how we would expect Kim Kardashian to perform in a civil litigator role based on its required competencies (those with an average score rank between the 40th and 60th percentile, making Kim a pretty strong fit)

Diligence: 95th Percentile (Very High)  Predicts the ability to be planful, organized, dependable, and deliberate with a strong eye for detail.

Kardashian claims (and her colleague sisters support the assertion) that she has “OCD”; the corresponding behaviors they note in support of this as well as her consistently meticulous makeup and appearance support an assessment of high diligence. High diligence indicates a person will be orderly, organized, systematic, methodical, and controlled. This competency is essential for performance in any area of law.  In extreme form, too much diligence can make a person overly stubborn, inflexible, cautious, and unable to deviate from a plan. Kardashian’s diligence score denotes a high degree of order, organization, and control; her success with various business ventures that respond to the cultural climate as well as the chaos she manages in other areas of her life (such as being a generally harmonious member of the large Kardashian clan) indicate she’s still able to manage and respond to dynamic environments.

Drive: 90th Percentile (High) Predicts someone's achievement focus, discipline, persistence, and energy level

Kardashian told CNBC that persistence and ability to focus have been key in her success.

“You have to have the work ethic,” “If you.... don’t want to work 24/7, it’s not going to work for you.” The number of projects, interviews, ventures, her organized, disciplined, and stylized social media presence as well as the success and sustained growth of her ventures and prominence of her personal brand do support a relentless, constantly “on” work ethic. These do  clearly show persistence and indicate that one of her main drivers is achievement. Another high indicator of drive is pursuit of validation by others, which would be supported by her role as a reality television star. The ability to be focused, persistent and achievement-oriented is important in law generally and particularly so to the role of a litigator.


Poise: 80th Percentile (High) Predicts the ability to manage stress, maintain composure, and adapt to people or situations

Kardashian was described by an interviewer who spent a few days with her as “ human spa because she remains calm and amenable even as chaos and disagreement swirl around her” and that she “speaks with a voice that is so soothing it’s like listening to water burbling over river rocks.” This appears consistent with her demeanor on her show where she presents as un-emotional with a consistent, calm mood. This competency is extremely important for highly stressful areas of law such as litigation (especially trials). Kim’s high level of poise will ensure emotions don’t interfere with logical thinking and that she will be resilient and maintain her composure in the face of setbacks, judges, and juries.

Collegiality: 80th percentile (High) Collegiality predicts gregariousness, positivity, sociability, and ability to build rapport

Kim’s career trajectory and popular culture presence indicate that she is extroverted and likes being the center of attention. She appears outgoing, friendly, and is skilled at building rapport with those whom she meets. It has been noted that she was instrumental in building rapport with various layers of the Trump Family to get The First Step Act, a prison reform bill signed. This competency is important for initially building client relationships as well as relationships with juries. High collegiality shows that she is driven by her need to interact with others and may not do well in more isolated areas of law such as regulatory or IP.

Interpersonal Sensitivity: 70th percentile (Medium-High) Predicts tact, empathy, and social skill

Those who have worked with Kardashian on her Criminal Justice Reform note her skill and emotional intelligence when persuading others.

Fellow Famous Criminal Justice Reform crusader Van Jones who has been working on the issue with Kardashian noted that he “watched Kim Kardashian unleash the most effective, emotionally intelligent intervention that I’ve ever seen in American politics.”

 Further, her strong social media following and ability to keep the public intrigued by her every move notes her instincts around understanding and responding to people.

While collegiality is important for building rapport, interpersonal sensitivity is a competency that is crucial for maintaining relationships, advising clients,  reading juries and artfully massaging interactions with judges, opposing counsel, and witnesses . Kim is emotionally intelligent and generally compassionate. Most lawyers tend to fall on the low end of interpersonal sensitivity in comparison to the non-lawyer population because they are naturally skeptical and trained to look for holes in arguments. Kim would appear to fall around the middle range of these groups of traits. She would be compassionate enough to handle sensitive social situations, but her ability to execute and stay the course indicates she would not be too soft to be pushed around in a competitive environment.

In conclusion, Kim’s personality would be highly suited for civil litigation roles where attention to details, self-direction and interacting with others are key competencies and she could be in the spotlight.  

She would likely not excel at or enjoy roles that are heavy on contracts, torts, and regulatory law where she would be isolated from other people. She is compassionate and would be effective at maintaining client relationships. Her drive, persistence and organization will make her ready to meet and face the challenges of being a trial lawyer head on (where most lawyers tend to shy away or retreat from others during challenging times).