Things Fall Apart


Things Fall Apart

The legal industry movement to put them back together again

We live in chaotic times. It can feel like the ground is moving underneath us as the world we know is changing at a faster pace and in more fundamental ways than at any other time in history. With this generalized anxiety and always “on” culture, mental health is coming into focus in a big way.

This is especially true in the legal field. Always one of the highest stress professions, the ante has been upped by a constantly connected culture and an industry that is struggling as its fundamental business practices lose their viability

The recent tragic deaths of attorneys struggling with mental health issues have underscored a sentiment developing in the profession: the growing demands of the profession if unchecked are unsustainable physically and mentally. Many in the legal industry have banded together to call for a perspective shift from within. In September of last year, the ABA announced a mental health initiative to give law firms a framework for providing support and help to those who may otherwise not seek assistance. Just last week introduced their “Minds Over Matters” series, where they will take twelve months to dig deep into mental health and substance abuse in the legal field.

At Hire an Esquire we’d also like to use our small piece of internet real estate to list some resources that are currently available for those in the legal field who may want to explore help with mental health and substance abuse. We’ve combined the listings below into a pdf that you can download to use as a reference for your law firm or legal department employees.

Suicide Prevention and Emergent Help:  1-800-273-8255 Suicide Prevention Resource Center Crisis Text Line Text HOME to 741741 from anywhere in the USA

Substance Abuse Support: Alcoholics Anonymous A Buddhist Approach to Recovery Narcotics Anonymous Sex Addicts Anonymous Gamblers Anonymous Addictions

Therapy and Support: National Institute for Mental Health Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Administration: Online Therapy Guided Meditation/Sleep Help Find a Therapist Lawyer Assistance Programs by State

Community: Voices of Recovery Podcast Series by the ABA Mind Over Matters Personal Stories Mindfulness Retreat for Lawyers