Happy Birthday, Hire an Esquire!


8 Years of Redesigning and Redefining the Contract Attorney Experience

8th birthday.jpg

It’s hard to believe that Hire an Esquire launched 8 years ago! On Cinco de Mayo, 2011, what was a night-and-weekends project for an attorney, software developer, and product manager went live. Some things haven’t changed. We were, and still are, passionate about being the place where attorneys go to work and rebuilding the legal staffing experience for a new era of work and the legal industry.

But many other things have changed—and the symbolic markers of time are good opportunities to reflect on progress and leaps we may miss while keeping up with daily life. Since much of our audience has been right alongside us through the shifts in the legal industry and the future of work, we wanted to highlight some of the changes at Hire an Esquire over the years that are reflective of greater shifts in our industry, culture, and economy. So join us on our trip down memory lane:

And for our own Hire an Esquire Time Capsule—here are our product videos from launch and today to give you an idea of how much has changed:



While the world, workforce, and technology have transformed rapidly over the last 8 years, unfortunately, legislation and policy around the modern workforce have not. A major part of our mission has been to support and empower freelance legal professionals. We are even more adamant now than we were in 2011 that legislative and policy action is crucial to supporting a modern workforce, and that healthcare and other insurances, education, and continuing advancement need to be anticipated with a policy for the new workforce.

Our evolution has included growing into our core and founding values of providing as many of the traditional safe havens that employees enjoy to our network. To name a few benefits we’ve been able to add over the years: health insurance is available to members of our network that meet certain hours requirements, and we provide professional liability insurance for all projects through our platform. Part of our next chapter in coming years will be working on solutions to cover our network even when they're not working with us, addressing these and other gaping holes.

We thank all of you who have been a part of the past 8, great years, and we look forward to working with you for years to come!