Pregaming for P3


We pull together a Lean Law Playbook in preparation for the conference in Chicago

Part of the HaE team is headed to the P3 Practice Innovation Conference, June 12-14. Strategic pricing directors from law firms across the US and others at the forefront of lean practice management and pricing innovation will ascend on Chicago to discuss current trends and continue to build the future of lean law and legal pricing.

The legal innovation conversation can be dominated by technology and AI, but as we discuss in our Lean Law series, it’s about so much more than app-literate attorneys and algorithms. Systemic changes in the form of project management, pricing innovations, and new problem solving paradigms have to work in tandem with technological advances to make beneficial disruptions to the practice of law and improve Access to Justice.

We’ve rounded up our best blog posts on practice innovation and lean law and we’ll be back with fresh ideas from P3, hot off the press soon!

“Alternative” Fee Agreements

The billable hour has become so intrinsic to the legal profession that some have held onto the model as vociferously as they would to the concept of precedent. But GC’s are demanding price innovation so they can predict costs and manage their budgets and cost structures are changing across all industries and verticals, change is inevitable. In this primer on AFA’s we discuss the different agreements and how they can be implemented in your practice.

What does “Lean Law” really mean?

Lean Thinking emerged in the late 90s as a methodology based on Toyota’s Production System to produce cars. It’s a philosophy that advocates customer focus, waste elimination, and continuous process improvement. The starting point in any is hearing “the voice of the client” and the end point is higher attorney retention and content clients. Read more in our introduction to Lean Law.

Lean Law Staffing Solution

When operating a law practice, your product is your people, and when labor is up to 60% of law firm total cost—your workforce is a high impact area and good starting point for Lean adoption. In this piece we provide a step-by-step process for evaluating your legal staffing needs and configurations. Learn how to eliminate waste and hold onto your MVP’s.

Emerging Law

Download this handy infographic outlining how innovative law firms are approaching and solving the same old problems in new ways.

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