Announcing Hire an Esquire for Legal Recruiters


We’ve received countless inquiries from solo legal recruiters requesting a way to use the Hire an Esquire platform for their recruiting business over the years.

In response to demand, the legal recruiting back office of the future is now at your fingertips.

We’ve received countless inquiries from solo legal recruiters requesting a way to use the Hire an Esquire platform for their recruiting business over the years. In the past, we declined. It’s important for us to stay focused on our core competencies and provide a strong user experience to all who use our platform. We didn’t believe adding this onto the past state of our product and company, would be a good experience for our candidates or recruiters.

Now as our product and market strategy has evolved dramatically, we know we can add value to recruiters and our network of legal professionals by opening up our platform to recruiters. 

How We Bring the Future of Recruiting to Solos & Boutique Recruiters

It’s tough for solopreneurs and small businesses. We are in awe every day of our small law firm clients, freelance legal professionals, and our own vendors who run small shops and wear the hats of business development, finance, and operations in addition to providing their core service. 

Many small professional service businesses regularly fight a David and Goliath battle against bigger companies. We see this frequently in the legal world. We’ve watched our boutique law firm clients win work from major clients against larger law firms by doubling down on their strengths: agility in adopting new technology and the agility to make adaptations for their clients quickly without a committee process. Hire an Esquire can bring a similar competitive advantage to solo and boutique recruiters. Here’s how: 

  • Highest Fulfillment Rate: 71% of our job postings are filled. The industry average is 41%. This is from building up our network and sourcing practices over 8 years to have 2% of the Active US Attorney population on our network and a powerful automated process to push jobs to the greater legal community for niche specialties and geographies where we may not already have candidates. Our network is growing every day.

  • Payroll with Premiere Benefits: From the early days of Hire an Esquire when we were smaller, we know the struggle of trying to find someone to payroll and to insure a smaller recruiting operation. Services that outsource W-2 employment wouldn’t work with us  due to the specialized professional liability insurances needed for the legal industry. Further, it was difficult to engage benefits providers to work with us as a small business. Today, we have a skilled and developed HR, benefits, and compliance team that manages payroll, insurance policies, and health insurance benefits at scale so that you don’t have to. Unlike other temp agencies with their high deductible, bare-bones plans, we have premiere full coverage plans for our contractors attracting and retaining the best talent. 

  • Crystal Ball to Predict Candidate Performance: Our psychometrics give a detailed, data-driven analysis of how a candidate will fit at a particular role and their likelihood of success. This produces a detailed visual overview of a candidates traits and fit for a role that you can share with your clients to better promote your candidates. While backed by decades of established research on predicting workplace performance, our own proprietary assessment process has proved to increase client and candidate satisfaction with these industry-leading success rates:

    • 40% call back rate

    • 18% temp-to-perm conversion rate in the AMLaw and Fortune 500

    • <1% incident rate

    • Reduced bias with an (inadvertent) 15% increase in women and minority placements by providing objective, data-driven candidate information

  • A Recruiting Army & Ops Team at Your Fingertips: All of the above, from the critical mass of candidates to the pre-screening and vetting and back office function, provides you with the capability of an entire team helping you to save hours on sourcing, recruiting, screening, and administration so you can focus on expanding your business and building deeper relationships with your clients.

Why Collaboration with Recruiters Makes Sense Now and Supports Our Legal Professionals

As shared in our legal pricing meditation we’ve found our market fit in two markets: 1) smaller law firms and legal departments who prefer to use our platform in a self-serve manner 2) larger law firms, legal service companies and corporate legal departments where we work with procurement or strategic pricing departments and have some degree of exclusivity or a subscription relationship. 

We’re not addressing the market of competitive bids, HR, and in-house recruiters that generally prefer more traditional recruiting relationships. This is the market that many solos and boutique recruiting shops serve. Our product and network can make their businesses more successful and efficient and we’re not competing with them.

At the same time, this opens up more opportunities for our legal professionals and gives more contract-based legal professionals access to real health insurance benefits. 

We’ve always been excited to support a more entrepreneurial legal market by helping legal professionals build more autonomous, diversified career portfolios and helping smaller law firms stay lean while growing their business and capacity. We’re thrilled to welcome legal recruiters into the Hire an Esquire entrepreneurial, legal tech-savvy family.

Learn more about our subscription option and pricing for recruiters here or fill out the below form to discuss with us further: