Announcing Talent Pools


Our clients have asked, and our amazing product team has delivered! Hire an Esquire just launched Talent Pools. Hire an Esquire has always been the leader in using technology to instantly match the right candidate for each role.  In fact, we’ve been so successful making these matches, that many of our clients have a list of favorite contractors that they like to use through our site. 

With Talent Pools, we’re making it easier to save, organize, and reconnect with all of your favorite contractors. Not only does it allow our clients to organize contractors by the system that makes the most sense for their practice, but it also gives them space to make internal notes about each contractor so they can better manage and keep track of these relationships.

So how do we envision Talent Pools will be used? We have a lot of ideas based on our client’s user patterns, but we’ve always found that if we create a product feature in-demand, our clients will create use cases we never imagined, which is a beautiful thing. 

Geography: Do you need attorneys in various locations for certain roles? Talent Pools will let you organize your favorite contractors by their location so you no longer have to remember which contractor is the one in L.A. and which one is the one Reno.

Barred: Similar to geography, if you need multiple contractors barred in certain states, now you can organize your favorite contractors by where they are barred and connect with them quickly and easily.


Practice Areas: This one needs no explanation, organizing your Talent Pools by practice area is an easy way to find and re-hire the contractor you need efficiently.

Scouting: Talent pools will also allow clients to collect contractor profiles for projects or matters they might need help with in the future. Looking ahead and building up relationships helps our clients be responsive and agile to client needs and demands.

To access Talent Pools on your dashboard go to Manage > Talent Pools. Have you found another use-case for Talent Pools? Find us on Twitter and let us know!