The Case for Hiring Contract Attorneys: Part 1


Law firms of all sizes know they must rely heavily on a strong team to manage their clients and grow their practice effectively. As the legal workforce shifts away from the typical 9-to-5 day to encompass a fluid workforce of contract attorneys, firms that are able to adapt will ultimately have an advantage. We’ve compiled a list that highlights why hiring a contract attorney can help law firms grow.

(1) Specialized Teams

For smaller law firms, it can be hard to compete with large firms that have the capacity to bring in numerous attorneys to cover diverse cases, both big and small. One of the main benefits of hiring contract attorneys is that you are able to assemble teams on a per-project basis. This gives you the ability to customize your team with experts and maximize the results of every case you take on.

For example, if your firm has a core practice in personal injury and you are considering taking on a mass tort case, you may not have the expertise (or the resources) to confidently accept the case. Instead of associating with co-counsel and sharing fees, you can hire a single experienced flexible counsel to help lead the charge or a team of experienced lawyers to help your firm expand into a new practice area.

Per-project teams turn labor costs from fixed to variable. Once a project ends, the team of contract attorneys you hired disbands and your firm incurs no additional costs until you assemble a new team for your next project. Firms can expand or shrink as their caseload dictates, without investing time and money hiring permanent attorneys. This also means that you’ll always have the qualified talent you need exactly when you need it.

(2) Expand Your Practice

When you’re at small or medium-sized firm, you may find yourself shying away from cases that seem too complex for the resources that you have at your disposal. You may think that you don’t have the capacity to hire the necessary talent to stretch your firm and compete with bigger firms or firms with more resources. That doesn’t have to be the case! With a team of contract attorneys, you can increase your firepower when it makes sense, and then dial back down when the work subsides.

This scalable staffing solution will ultimately help your firm grow.  A flexible team of contract attorneys means that you can offer more services to your clients, which helps attract new business and can lead to repeat business. This gives your firm the ability to expand into new areas of law that you never had time to explore, something that was not possible before your growth with the help of a fluid workforce.

(3) Focus On What You Do Best

Do you ever find yourself worrying about the little details of a case when you’d rather be looking at things from a more macro perspective? Whether it’s a stack of contracts that needs to be revised or a pile of documents that needs to be entered into a database, there is no need to spread yourself so thin when your time is better spent focusing on clients or generating business. Contract attorneys can help you with the tasks for which you don’t have bandwidth, and free up time for the kind of work that best demonstrates your talents and interests.  

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