The Case for Hiring Contract Attorneys: Part 2


Is your law firm feeling the stress of a demanding client load? When it comes to managing your clients, you know that your team is your biggest asset. Lucky for you, the legal workforce is shifting to encompass a fluid workforce of contractors and so firms are better able to compete as a result. Below you’ll find a list that highlights how hiring a contract attorney can help your law firm grow. If you missed Part 1, find it here.

Test Potential Permanent Staff

For law firms, recruiting top legal talent can be costly. And, if the wrong person is hired for the job, firm’s risk wasting carefully allocated training resources and damaging client relationships. In fact, when an attorney leaves a firm, the cost to the firm ranges from $400,000 to more than $800,000 (for experienced attorneys). Additionally, talent turnover costs the legal industry roughly $9.1 billion annually in just the 400 largest firms in the United States.

Smaller law firms require talent that can hit the ground running and add value from the start. Because of this, firms that want to ensure that candidates have the right skills and temperament before hiring them full time should consider hiring a contract attorney. That way, firms can get to truly know the candidate without the risks of full-time staffing investment. Once a contract attorney has been “fit-tested,” they can seamlessly be transitioned into a full-time role.

More Time for Strategic Development


For small firms, sometimes making strategic business decisions can take a backseat to keeping up with client work. A demanding workload can take away from vital activities, such as networking in the community to sustain and grow the practice.

Effective networking requires a large amount of time and dedication, because it involves defining possible contacts and developing a plan of action in order to produce meaningful results. Ultimately, an effective business network is the foundation of all successful business development efforts. Attorneys and administrators must be focused and deliberate about how they maintain current clients and generate new business. If the necessary time is not put into these efforts, it’s easy for law firms to fall off of a trajectory to success and become stagnant instead. With the help of contract attorneys on an as-needed basis, your firm is able to free up time and energy to handle important networking activities.

Win More Cases, Improve Client Satisfaction

Partnering with a contract attorney can help your law firm over-deliver for every client. For example, a contract attorney whose sole purpose is to review documents or handle briefs can free up senior attorneys to do what they do best – depositions and trials.

In turn, attorneys are afforded the ability to finish on or ahead of deadline and clients see better results, while your firm saves money. Additionally, these savings are passed on to your client, so your firm is able to build a reputation that says: “We can save you money and provide a quality service at the same time.”

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