The Case for Hiring Contract Attorneys: Part 3


A recent study showed that 53 million Americans—nearly 34% of the workforce—are now working as freelancers. This population contributes $715 billion each year to the economy through their freelance work, and is dramatically changing the definition of work and the workplace.With the legal workforce shifting away from the typical 9-to-5 day to include a fluid workforce of contract attorneys, firms that leverage this workforce will have a serious competitive advantage. After all, your team is your biggest asset when it comes to optimizing your practice.

If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 of our “Case for Hiring Contract Attorneys” series, be sure check them out to learn how a scalable workforce could impact your practice.

On-Demand Teams

One of the hassles of hiring new staff is all the time that you must invest in training before they are really up to speed and able to make valuable contributions to your bottom line. When leveraging freelance talent, you’ll be able to capitalize on specialized skills that will help your firm thrive without the ramp-up.

Startup mentor Marty Zwilling says it’s time for businesses to take a more strategic approach to hiring talent. Referencing the book “Navigating the Talent Shift,” by Lisa Hufford, Zwilling outlined 8 key steps for driving innovation, controlling costs, staying nimble, and getting better results:

  1. Build teams to meet goals rather than organization charts.

  2. Focus on deliverables and skills required right now.

  3. Prioritize objectives and seek expert talent to match.

  4. Build an on-demand pool of strategic do-ers.

  5. Think in terms of projects to keep up with an evolving strategy.

  6. Stay nimble by quickly filling gaps in the existing team.

  7. Leverage the broadest possible network.

  8. Maintain budget flexibility as the business changes.

By building a on-demand pool of elite talent that fits your business needs, your firm can remain agile in the face of rapidly evolving changes in the legal industry and the workforce. Flexible staffing allows firms to scale up for projects with the help of specialized teams and also helps cut costs by removing the overhead that comes with hiring full-time employees.

Slash HR Costs

From a human resources standpoint, there are a number of benefits to hiring a freelance attorney to take care of specific tasks at your law firm. Whether you choose to hire a contract attorney as an independent contractor or as an employee of Hire An Esquire, you save the expenses typically associated with employees, such as insurance and cost of office tools. These savings can be substantial.

For example, providing employee health care insurance benefits is often the highest expense for any company. On average, small business employers (fewer than 200 employees) contributed $10,119 to each employee's $15,253 family coverage premium in 2013. With freelance attorneys, you’ll be able to reduce these costs considerably while leveraging an elite workforce.

Don’t wait any longer; start capitalizing on the benefits provided by a flexible workforce.

Hire An Esquire is making it easier than ever to find freelance attorneys that can immediately add value to your firm by directly connecting you with a vetted network of experienced attorneys. Simply post a project or use our smart matching search feature to find top talent that can help you complete projects with increased efficiency and quality.

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