10 Ways Attorneys Can Make Mondays Feel Less Like Monday


We all know the feeling when we crawl out of bed on Monday morning, struggling to find the coffee maker with one eye open, our hand in our hair, wondering where the weekend went.

Here are 10 ways busy attorneys can make Monday feel less like a Monday:

1. Unplug for the weekend. Hardworking Attorneys such as yourself have a hard time putting the phone down and deciding not to respond to that e-mail. It's only one right? It'll only take a minute or two out of your weekend. TWO HOURS LATER... Put the work aside for the weekend. It's time to clear your head and wind down.

2. Be prepared for Monday by prepping on Friday. If you can get the work done on Friday, stay a few minutes extra just to do so. Make a plan of execution for Monday; what things need to be prioritized?

3. Go to bed early on Sunday. Just because it's still the weekend, that doesn't give you an excuse to keep the weekend going. Beauty sleep is absolutely necessary to maintain physical health. Oh, you wanted to get started on that client memo for Monday?  You put that down, you!

4. Don't sleep in; Wake up early. Have you ever heard the phrase "The early bird catches the worm."? Well, it's true! If you can get an early start, chances are that your day will flow smoother and you'll feel more awake.

5. Exercise before work! Now that you're up early, why not go for a morning run? Science says exercise will boost your mood and reduce stress - something lawyers tend to have in abundance!

6. Eat breakfast. Finally, you're awake after that great run. Start your day off right with the right balance of protein and carbs. A good combination is greek yogurt and fresh fruit like bananas, strawberries, kiwi, or even cantaloupe (or some other healthy combination). Your stomach will thank you for it and it'll hold off those pesky cravings until you're able to find time for lunch between those depositions and client calls.

7. Dress for success! Clothes have a big impact on how you feel. Find that comfortable outfit that'll make you feel confident the moment you walk in the building.

8. Take your lunch outside and go for a walkAttorneys have crazy schedules, this is true, however it's great for concentration to take your lunch outside of the office and away from your desk. Take a minute to enjoy the scenery whether it be trees, a water fountain, or the lovely construction work going on in the middle of the street. It'll help you sustain more energy for the rest of this dreaded Monday!

9. Look forward to something at the end of your day. Don't live for the weekends. Giving yourself something to look forward to at the end of a Monday will give you that positive energy you need to get through the rest of the week. Did I mention you also get bragging rights? "Did I tell you we went to this fabulous restaurant last night?"

10. Don't forget to smile! Studies say most workers don't smile until about 11:16AM on Mondays. Smiling is contagious and it begins with you!