3 Tools for Improving Your Small Law Firm


Over the course of the last decade, a wave of technological advancements has changed the way that your small law firm can compete. For many practices, technology is increasing efficiency and expanding operations by giving lawyers the ability to do business from anywhere they choose with increased speed and quality. Technology has leveled the playing field, as small law firms are enjoying the benefits of increased productivity and profitability—both of which allow them to compete with larger firms. So whether you’re just starting your own firm or working to grow your existing firm, here are a few of the tools you should consider implementing:

Cloud Services for Case Management

You don’t need expensive software to manage your case files in an organized and secure manner. There are plenty of cloud-based applications that get the job done for a fraction of the cost. Platforms such as Everchron, Rocket Matter, and Clio, let you manage documents, files, calendars, tasks, and more from wherever you are with ease.

Using cloud-based case management software provides three major incentives to small law firms: 1) Attorneys can securely access their case files anywhere and anytime. 2) Firms do not have to maintain or pay for their own servers. 3) Collaboration tools create greater internal efficiencies.

Additionally, these case management services offer payment options priced per user, making them incredibly affordable for small law firms looking to update their hard drive electronic filing system to a cloud-based case management system.

VoIP Phone Services

Phone service through traditional phone companies is becoming increasingly antiquated and costly. In lieu of this, many modern law firms are opting for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)  technology. VoIP allows you and your employees to make calls over the Internet using your broadband connection. VoIP’s inherent flexibility, which gives users more freedom to configure the service based upon their needs, is another benefit of switching from a traditional phone service. If you’re wondering which service is best for you, these ten questions will help you find answers.

Contract Attorneys On-Demand

Before contract attorney technology existed, small law firms generally had two choices when clients or prospective clients requested legal services outside their firm’s areas of expertise: Turn away the work or refer the client to another firm. However, technology like ours is leveling the playing field for small firms.

With our software, firms can post a project or search a network of screened and vetted attorneys to find the perfect match for their needs. So whether you need a junior attorney to review thousands of documents or a seasoned attorney to handle motions, trials, and appeals, you’re afforded the flexible to find exactly that.

By assembling teams on a per-project basis, a firm can convert labor from a fixed to a variable cost, saving labor costs in the long run. As a result, by using contract attorney technology, small law firms are able to keep clients, attract new business, and make the best use of their own expertise and resources. Set your small law firm up for success! Invest in these technologies and you’ll reap the benefits of increased efficiency, quality and productivity.