Bill of Rights: Building a More Perfect Union


We see Hire an Esquire as a living, breathing concept to accomplish this.

The Hire an Esquire "Conference": At Hire an Esquire, we've had our own discussion and debate on the topic of establishing a freelance society within the world of law. We see Hire an Esquire as a living, breathing concept to accomplish this. We hope to continually adapt the basic principles of Hire an Esquire to build a better union between lawyers and traditional legal employers, and legal careers and lifestyles.

Our Bill of Rights: Hire an Esquire has a bill of rights for all attorneys. 1) There's a $35/ hour minimum for posting projects and 2) We require estimated weekly project escrow deposits from clients before they can retain attorneys. The concept of Hire an Esquire evolved from my desire to build an escrow transaction service for the many per diem attorneys whom I observed while working, and who had to repeatedly request payment and endure long delays in obtaining payment from work that they did for solos and small firms. We plan on more amendments in the future.

Built for Attorneys: On the tech side we've tried to make everything as simple and as safe as possible to help you manage your freelance business. We've had Amy Hoy, the renowned interactive designer who specializes in designing intuitive and simple user interfaces, construct our site. Our team is composed of experienced, highly skilled software architects and developers who have worked, and still consult, for the biggest tech companies around. Although our core team is security savvy, we still use separate security specialists for audits.

As a user, one of the most annoying things for you is a bug. You know you've hit a bug when you get an error screen (or in our case an "oops" screen, with a Monty Python Reference). Apologies to MP fans, but we have Mike, our resident code crush and Franklin Fountain aficionado, now to make sure that you almost never, if ever see that screen. Recently, Mike has been proactively "breaking" our code and finding every possible action that could result in a bug.

A REPRESENTATIONAL DEMOCRACY: Alas, just like our U.S. Founding fathers, we try to make this something of a democracy. Hire an Esquire lawyers have opinions—and they know how to use them. We have a nifty little blue briefcase customer support button in the bottom right-hand corner of all Hire an Esquire pages. We've already utilized your questions and comments to make additions and alterations to the site.

Here are some of the changes that you will see appearing very soon based upon your feedback:

  1. Foreign language field

  2. Simplified conflicts form

  3. A place to "pitch" yourself and your specializations

Have more ideas? Tell us! Send us your questions, thoughts, concerns or statements of ideological conviction to