Changes Coming Soon for Better Career Chemistry



Since launching in 2011, Hire an Esquire has grown and changed—a lot. Our law practice user base and projects have expanded from more short term, casual relationships with solo and small firms to include more long term, serious relationships with mid-size and boutique firms, BigLaw and Fortune 500 Legal Departments.

Now >10% of the AMLaw 200 use Hire an Esquire alongside some of the largest and most well known US and international companies. This client base is expanding weekly!

What our attorneys want out of their flexible careers has expanded too. Our early adopters were independently building freelance careers and looked to Hire an Esquire for something on the side—quick court appearances, brief writing or local counsel engagements. Now we have attorneys building full time careers through Hire an Esquire.

In early 2014, our average engaged attorney picked up a few hours per month and earned ~$500 per month via Hire an Esquire. Today, the average engaged attorney earns $5,000 per month and top billers earn >$25,000+ per month via Hire an Esquire.


As we help our network build longer and deeper relationships, we’ve learned a lot about building “career chemistry" and we want to continue to help our community form even better matches. This is why we’re getting to know our users better before they can match for jobs. Here's how:

  • Complete Profiles Including a Summary and Expertise Tags: Click here to login and complete your profile and tell us more about your legal specialties and the depth of your expertise. You can do this right now! As of October 5, completing this will be required to search for jobs.

  • Reference Checks (required to apply to short term and long term jobs): We’ll ask for 3 professional references and send them a short online survey with a few questions about what it’s like to work with you. You’ll only have to do this once for all jobs on Hire an Esquire. Once we hear great things about you and your work style, you’ll be able to apply to 1099 jobs (i.e. short term, independent contractor jobs).

  • Career Surveys and Interviews (required to apply to long term jobs): We’d like to know more about you—specifically your skills, strengths and career goals. This will be via an online survey and a real time interview with a member of our team. If we think that Hire an Esquire is a good fit for your career goals and skill set, you will be able to apply to W-2 Projects (longer term work where Hire an Esquire employs and insures you).

Our law practice clients will be telling us more about their culture, open opportunities, and what they’re really looking for in an attorney. With more information up front, we can make the best matches—and prevent bad first interviews and wasted time on the wrong work relationships.

We look forward to getting to know you better and working with you,

Julia Shapiro, Hire an Esquire CEO & The Hire an Esquire Team