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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We know we've mentioned it before; things are changing quickly at Hire an Esquire! We are not a brick and mortar legal staffing or recruitment operation. We are a technology company that wants to bring the ultimate career experience to our attorneys. We strongly believe that technology and data can do this by optimizing job and career fits—while reducing the friction and the upfront time costs of building a flexible career. As lawyers in particular, we know that time is money. We want to enable attorneys building contract based careers to spend their bandwidth doing amazing legal work, not spending hours searching for opportunities.

Since we launched 4+ years ago, we’ve learned a lot about what makes the experience of searching for, applying to and enjoying a job—better. We’ve redesigned our on-boarding process accordingly, but we’re far from finished! The Hire an Esquire platform will keep getting smarter as our team and technology learns more about you and what creates the most successful flexible career matches. As always, we will never share or sell your personal information. All of the information collected is for Hire an Esquire to create the best experience for our users.

Here’s more insight into our 4 stage attorney on-boarding process and how it will improve your Hire an Esquire experience:


We’ve broken the attorney sign-up process down into three crucial phases:

1. CONFIRMATIONprovides access to your attorney dashboard: A combination of our technology and our Community & Recruitment Managers will confirm your identity and your good standing with the bar..

THE WHY: We need to confirm your good standing with the bar and the ability to practice law, as well as your identity. Verifying your identity protects your bar license by making sure that no one else can practice law under your (often publicly available) bar information.


  • Good Standing: Input your bar information online and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Identity Verification:

    • Option 1: You can give us permission to send an automated text or call to the phone number you’ve registered with your bar license. You’ll receive a verification code to input online.

    • Option 2: You will be asked to upload identifying documents such as a bar card (or document with your registration number on it), a copy of a bar receipt, or a letter of good standing from the bar paired with a government issued photo ID.

Verification Process

Verification Process

2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE provides access to search for jobs:  In this phase, we want to collect basic information on your professional experience.

THE WHY: We want to match you with the best job opportunities as quickly as possible! Information about your skill set, experience level, and specialties will help Hire an Esquire automatically recommend you to law practices looking for your particular background and will make automated recommendations about geographically relevant jobs.


  • Basic Profile & Resume: Our wizard will walk you through basic forms detailing your work experience and education. These forms will also prompt you to create a quick snapshot of what you’re all about for firms sorting through our network of attorneys via a “summary” and “profile.” This is a great opportunity to brand and market yourself on your own terms!

  • Expertise Tags and Experience Levels: Our recruiting wizard will prompt you to click on the practice area most relevant to your work experience and select your specialties and experience. If you don’t see your expertise or specialty listed, feel free to click the green Help button at the bottom right corner of your screen and let us know! These are crucial to recommending you for jobs, so please be comprehensive and accurate in filling out these tags.

Expertise Tags

Expertise Tags

3. REFERENCES + PAYROLL INFORMATIONallows you to apply to 1099 Independent Contractor Jobs: A short survey designed to figure out your work style and what it’s like to work with you will be sent to 3 professional references.

THE WHY: We want to know your unique strengths and work style to best match you with jobs and make sure you’re a good fit for our network. Seeing 3 outside points of view helps us do this. And of course, we want to make sure we can pay you ASAP!


  • Fill out the name and e-mail address of 3 professional references. Each reference will receive an email with a link to a survey that will ask about you and your skills as an attorney. You can return to that screen to check the status of these surveys at anytime. A combination of our technology and recruitment and community managers will verify that the professional references are valid and not being sent to your mom, roommate or alternate e-mail accounts set up by you. ***Please do not attempt to falsify references and/or to send the survey to anyone other than your valid reference. Falsifying references will prevent you from being a part of the Hire an Esquire community.

  • Our form will walk you through the tax and bank information you’ll need to provide for us to directly deposit money into your account and ensure you get paid right away! We take security very seriously; rest assured that all information submitted is encrypted with particular care and concern thanks to our former DARPA engineer, CTO Andrew Somerville.



4. SELF ASSESSMENT + INTERVIEWallows you to apply to W-2 jobs where Hire an Esquire is the employer of record and provides insurances plus benefits: In this phase, we’ll learn more about you as an individual attorney to better place you on more comprehensive, longer term jobs.

THE WHY: We want to dive deeper into your skill set and strengths to determine the best career fit for you.


  • Self-Assessment: Our Wizard will walk you through a questionnaire about your strengths and what path you’d like your career to take.

  • The Interview: Once all of the above steps are completed, one of our Recruitment & Community Managers will be reaching out to set up a video interview to learn even more.


Let us know! Every new addition to our page is a step forward toward bringing technology to the legal industry. While we have the best developers at work on rolling out new features, bugs and hiccups in the network do arise.

If you are having any issues with the features in the attorney sign-up process or the Hire an Esquire network in general, feel free to drop us an email at

Do you have any feedback/suggestions for us, or features you’d like to see on our site? We’d like to hear them!


We’re not done yet! We’ll continue to build and roll out more features to make your Hire an Esquire experience amazing.  Look for more updates on this process in the coming weeks on the Hire an Esquire magazine![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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