Have You Hugged Your Lawyer Today?


Hit Your Stride’s Steve Hughes, a non-lawyer, had been working with attorneys for several years without issue. It was such a great experience that he’d talk about his experiences with friends, only to realize that his audience was incredulous. According to them, lawyers were many things, but certainly not friendly. Steve found himself defending the lawyers that he knew and frustrated by the generally negative opinion of the legal industry as a whole. Inspired by non-conventional holidays like National Bubble Wrap Day and National Ice Cream Day, the idea of International Be Kind to Lawyers Day began to take shape. With much-needed preparation and the support of a team of legal experts, International Be Kind to Lawyers Day was born! The holiday is celebrated on the second Tuesday in April, chosen purposely to fall between April Fool’s Day (1st) and U.S. Tax Day (15th).

Of course, we love our lawyers every day, but we wanted to take a day to show our appreciation, share a little kindness, and remind all of our members, friends, and supports that lawyers need love too. Today is that day. Hire an Esquire and KIND bar snacks have come together to show our appreciation in a KIND way, but don’t let our efforts stop yours. Share in the holiday and hug a lawyer today!

Not sure how you can celebrate BK2LD? Check out Hughes’ tips for a successful celebration.