Is Hire an Esquire right for my firm?


Hire an Esquire is the go-to resource for legal departments and law firms who want direct access to an on-demand, curated network of vetted contract attorneys.


According to George Wentworth, a senior staff attorney for the National Employment Law project, “A huge portion of the job growth in the last year has been in the temporary help sector, because employers are using the temporary industry as a device for trying out workers.” He goes on to describe the typical disconnect that is often found between employers, hiring needs, and brick-and-mortar staffing agencies.

Hire an Esquire strives to close that gap by providing each firm with a dedicated Account Manager, who will actively identify opportunities to reduce overall costs associated with an in-house recruiting team and a full-time attorney staff, as well as increase productivity by providing attorneys who specialize in specific areas of expertise.

Matthew Rowles, Business Development Manager from Kavaliro, understands that the hiring process has changed. “Great talent becomes harder to find, and it becomes extremely time-consuming for managers to review resumes and conduct interviews, all while still being responsible for their day-to-day operations. Turning to a trusted staffing partner can save time and money. A staffing firm can prescreen and qualify candidates to ensure the manager is always interviewing candidates that are a fit for the role.”

(1) THE NETWORK: Gone are the days of the rolodex. We have a network of 6,000+ vetted attorneys across the United States. All of our attorneys are thoroughly vetted from sign-up to submission. Find an attorney within seconds without having to worry about bar status or experience. 

(2) MATCHING ALGORITHM: We use an algorithm to make the best career match every time. Seamlessly search for attorneys in our network, according to location, practice area, years of experience, and more. Attorneys are recommended for each and every job with the help of our tagging system.

(3) FULL ACCESS: We allow you to be as hands-on as you’d like. Unlike other recruiting agencies, you have the opportunity to be self-service - you search for the RIGHT attorney for your firm. You can contact the attorneys directly, without ever leaving the platform. If you want a full-service staffing solution, an Account Manager can help you find the right candidates.

(4) NO ADMINISTRATIVE HASSLE: We take care of your HR nightmares. Hire an Esquire handles all invoicing and payroll right on the platform. You can approve or dispute invoices at your discretion, and pay electronically, saving your firm time and money.

(5) TRANSPARENCY: We show you the math. Do you know how much you pay your recruiter? Whatever your markup, chances are you don’t know how much an attorney is getting paid. Hire an Esquire shows you how much each attorney is paid up front. Transparency means you know the quality of attorney you are hiring and how experience is valued in the marketplace.


Making the smart hire the first time is a key factor when trying to save your firm time and money. Sign up with Hire an Esquire today to explore over 5,000 vetted attorneys in our network across the United States, who specialize in every practice area imaginable.

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