Is Hire an Esquire right for me?


Since 2011, Hire an Esquire (HaE) has strived to make the best career matches with law firms and legal departments for YOU the freelance attorney. HaE connects attorneys who are looking for contract and/or permanent opportunities with law firms and companies of all sizes and practice areas. Are you unsure about taking the leap of faith and joining our network of elite attorneys? Ask yourself these questions to determine if we can help you find your next role:

What do you seek from your career?

Take a moment to list the pros and cons of your current role. Do you find that you’re struggling to be happy about a future of 60+ hour weeks? Becoming a contract attorney can alleviate some of that pressure and allow you to regain control of your lifestyle by giving you the flexibility to accept (or politely decline) projects that come your way.

If you want flexibility, but don’t want to leave the firm setting, maybe the culture at your current firm doesn’t suit your work personality.

Why not explore moving laterally? Nowadays, Am Law 200 firms like Hogan Lovells offer their attorneys “lifestyle” benefits such as a free in-house gym, dry cleaning and concierge services, on-site therapy (beauty, massage, etc) services, and a flexible schedule more. Assessing whether you want increased flexibility and control and what that means for you is key to a successful career transition.

Are you ready for change?

You may be considering a career change because you want to develop knowledge in a new practice area, explore new interests, or realign your work with your core values. Many Hire an Esquire attorneys have cited these reasons as their impetus to change careers.

According to the New York Times, “millions of Americans are forging their own paths as free agents, entrepreneurs, and virtual workers”. As a result, people change their careers an average of 5-7 times in their lifetime, attorneys included.

It’s not uncommon to desire to move up by moving out, but make sure you have a plan in place and that you’re leaving for the right reasons. Also, consider your finances. Clay Travis, founder of Outkick CLE, has a few words of wisdom on that topic.

Have you updated your resume?

The best way to market yourself is through your resume, and on Hire an Esquire, that means your would be your profile. Proactively outline your education, work history, and explain identify your previous roles as a permanent or freelance attorney with a clear and concise description. This is an incredible opportunity to showcase your experience to potential employers.

Potential employers cannot properly determine what you’re made of unless you tell them. For example, leaving things out of your resume like precise dates or skills may decrease your chances of landing your next role. According to a CareerBuilder survey conducted in 2013, “35% of employers cited resumes that don’t include a list of skills as one of the most common resume mistakes that may lead them to automatically dismiss a candidate.” It takes time, but if you invest in polishing your resume, you’re that much more likely to land the job of your dreams.your likelihood of landing the job.

So, do you think Hire an Esquire is for you?

We’re connected to firms and legal departments of all sizes that are eager to hire you. Sign-up for free today and access dozens of niche jobs directly related to your expertise. Your profile will also be visible to all the employers on our network. Speak to our Director of Recruiting to express your career desires, and we’ll follow up with an email (or two) whenever a job in your area or within your expertise pops up.

Still not sure about whether Hire an Esquire is for you? Reach out to and request to speak with one of our Community Managers today! We’re ready to answer your career questions 9AM-6PM EST, Monday through Friday, no strings attached.