Philadelphia Freedom: New Office


It's a new day, it's a new dawn, and a new office for us! A few weeks ago we relocated to Philadelphia. Not only is Philadelphia the adopted home of three Hire an Esquire founders, it's also the birthplace of things like the Constitution and the iconic "Philadelphia Lawyer". After a little bit of tax structuring (a special thanks to our CPA!) and confirmation from our friends at the Philadelphia Revenue Department (as the old Philadelphia tagline goes, they did in fact love us back), we found it only fitting that a city so inextricably linked to the law and revolution would be Hire an Esquire's home base.

Now, we are lucky enough to work out of Old City, one of Philadelphia's many great neighborhoods. A place where narrow cobblestone colonial streets blend seamlessly and delightfully with early twentieth century lofts, boutiques, cafes, bars, and galleries. Our neighborhood is also home to a variety of office and residential spaces that are any architect or artist's dream. We are inspired by this neighborhood for many reasons: the repurposing of the old and established for modern use, the structures that have maintained their integrity throughout the years with the help of necessary adjustments to ensure their continued usefulness, the perfectly placed accents of fun and beauty.

As a Philadelphia-based company, we maintain a deep affection for this city and our Philadelphia lawyers. Still, we have left our hearts in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Dallas, and the many other places where we have registered freelance attorneys. We have all grown up and lived all over the country and we're using all of our contacts from our national and bi-coastal backgrounds to get jobs for Hire an Esquire registered attorneys everywhere. So if we're not already there, we hope that Hire an Esquire will be in your city too, very soon.

If you know law firms and legal departments in your locale and want to be a part of bringing the freelance law revolution to your city, email for more information on our commission arrangements with attorney affiliates.

We hope to work with you soon, wherever you are!