Regaining Work-life Balance: 3 Trends That Are Reshaping the Workplace


There’s no denying that the world is changing at a rapid pace. Technology is making the world smaller, giving us the power to communicate information more easily than ever. These advancements are reshaping the way we live our lives, including what we value and how we get things done. As the innovations from our personal lives converge on our careers, the way we work is changing too. For most jobholders, life on the job means life online. The most recent survey data from Pew Research shows that 94% of office workers are internet users, and these people work across all kinds of businesses from big corporations to small proprietor operations.

With shifts in technology as well as the expectations of both employers and employees, workplaces of the future offer substantial benefits to businesses and their employees. Here are some of the major trends that organizations need to consider as they move into the future:

The Changing Definition of the Word Entrepreneur

What it means to be an entrepreneur is expanding to include people that don’t necessarily have a new product or business idea, but instead people that are reinventing their job. In many cases this means that rather than founding a startup, people are working independently as freelancers or by teaming up with one another. The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) estimated that online freelance talent platforms could boost global GDP by $2.7 trillion by 2025, proving that freelancers are truly changing the business landscape.

The Ability To Work From Anywhere, Anytime

Today, 73% of the global workforce is made up of mobile workers. Thanks to technological innovations, a growing number of employees don’t even sit in the same office anymore despite needing to exchange information and communicate across different geographic regions in order to achieve their goals.

As more and more businesses support the mobile workforce, this trend is continuing to grow, presenting businesses with a number of benefits. Technological advancements are eliminating the restrictions of location allowing organizations to choose anyone to be a part of their team. This, in turn, is fostering a more qualified workforce.

Additionally, the ability for employees to work wherever and whenever is also improving overall employee satisfaction. An EY study found that professionals around the world were finding it harder to balance work demands along with increasingly busy personal lives. The study also found that Millennials are so serious about finding work-life balance, they’re willing to relocate if it means finding a job that offers it. With the ability to work remotely, there is less of a need for employees to compromise on their family life, resulting in a workforce that is less stressed and more motivated.

Opportunities for Evolving Careers

It is possible to take your degree into many interesting, rewarding, and lucrative careers. The good news is, there’s no one path to achieving this -- despite what you may have been told. For example, lawyers, especially those that attend top tier schools, are masters at achieving the goals of good grades and the myriad of things they are told they need to do to be successful. However, in many cases, these professionals end up feeling trapped in the rigid structure of corporate success. In fact, studies show that 52% of lawyers are dissatisfied with their current job. Because of this, many dissatisfied practitioners initially believe that they need to quit the practice of law. However, for lawyers, the opportunity to design a career path that fits their personality and professional goals is becoming a reality.

According to James Reilly, author of Shake the World: It's Not About Finding a Job, It's About Creating a Life, "Advances in technology have facilitated easy access to self-education and idea exploration." With these technological advancements, job skills are more transferrable, giving professionals the ability to stray from a pre-defined career path. In this article, Reilly offers tips for anyone interested in designing a career they enjoy without leaving their current field of work. If you find yourself unsatisfied with your career, know that you have plenty of options, be it starting your own business, changing your work environment, or working as a freelancer.

New technologies are making it easier for managers to achieve team motivation, collaboration and communication. By harnessing emerging technologies, today’s organizations can foster productivity and improve employee job-satisfaction. Read more about how Hire an Esquire is aligning with these trends to create the workplace of the future for lawyers.