The Art of Choosing Art (for Attorneys!)


Law firms are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on purchasing art for individual offices as well as high traffic areas within their firms. Art is chosen based on how it reflects the firm’s vision and how it may impact the perception of the clients, public, and the employees. Color schemes play a huge role in this, as the wrong mix of colors in the wrong room can negatively affect one’s mood and also greatly affect productivity rates. When purchasing art for the firm or your own office, remember this:

  • Science says our bodies release serotonin (the happiness hormone) when influenced by colors like yellow and orange. When those pesky negotiations come up, being surrounded those colors will cause an increase in mental activity which will allow you to be more likeable, confident, and socially connected to those you interact with.

  • Have you ever wondered why watching the ocean waves has such a calming effect? Because they’re blue! Blue is the color of concentration which is effective in rooms where attorneys prepare for depositions, review litigation documents, or where they handle hours upon hours of due diligence review. You’ll brainstorm more, increase productivity, and almost forget how mind-numbing the work is! (Add white to the mix for pure thoughts and mental clarity.)

  • Stop signs and red lights remind us to take caution. Therefore, red reminds us of our mistakes and causes us to focus harder on those tiny details when writing briefs or drafting client memos.

  • Stare into that green scene in the painting to the left of your desk because science says that green is soothing on the eyes! Legal research can take hours, days, maybe even weeks. The more time you dedicate to your search, the more your eyes will get tired of wading through cases online and the more you will get frustrated. This color relaxes the body, alleviates stress, and physically improves vision.

The next time you’re debating between purchasing that replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s Oh Starry Night or Jackson Pollock’s Autumn Rhythm, take a look at the colors used in the painting. Will you be adding another pretty piece of art to the wall, or will you be giving clients, and coworkers a burst of positive energy?

Yellows and oranges can boost your mood

Blue for calm concentration and red for cautious energy