The Year Ahead at Hire an Esquire


This post is about the year ahead—but we must rewind to where we’ve been to explain where we’re going. 2014 was a big year for Hire an Esquire—with small firms and a few AMLaw 200 firms, we closed our first round of investor funding. By the end of 2014, investors and law practices stopped telling us that our vision for the future of the way lawyers work was delusional and started wanting to work with us.

In 2014 and into 2015—many of our users assumed we were a large company, like other staffing agencies or technology products they use everyday. Instead we were a small scrappy team of <10 people working towards a common goal of getting amazing attorneys, interesting, flexible work, and using technology to bring humanity and autonomy to the staffing and recruiting process.

In 2015, the changing sentiment and growing enthusiasm changed the company in a big way. Our network of attorneys and clients more than doubled, and our revenue went up over 400%. We began working with some of the largest companies in the country, and in the world.

Our user base transformed from early adopters to a more mainstream audience. We learned a great deal, received a lot of feedback, and spent the last half of 2015 strategizing on how to best implement this feedback with the growing resources available at our company. We’ve already laid the groundwork for our plans ahead with our new onboarding process where we’re getting to know our attorneys better and we’ve hired amazing new team members to lead and support the top three initiatives as we break into 2016:

1. An Emotionally Intelligent and Fast Legal Matchmaker: We’ve learned so much from all of our users about what makes good matches and what creates a good working relationship for both sides. We’ve been using this knowledge to make our technology more precise and sensitive. Don’t worry, we still have a human touch—all recruiting is overseen by our human Hire an Esquire team members.

2. Design transformation: You may have already noticed some design changes on Hire an Esquire this fall, but expect to see many more this year! We’ve been working with Human Computer Interaction and Design experts to make our product even easier to use as we add increased requirements and capabilities. Some of you have already participated in user testing to help make our product better—we’ll be reaching out to even more of you to participate, and to get an exclusive look at what’s ahead at Hire an Esquire.

3. More Amazing Work & Attorneys:  Our law practice users are happiest when fantastic attorneys are at their fingertips, while our attorney users are happiest when we have incredible positions at dynamic law practices available at their fingertips. We are scaling our sales, recruiting team, and digital marketing efforts to further enrich our network with interesting work and amazing attorneys. On that note — we’re hiring! Check out our open positions here.

We look forward to working with you in 2016,

Julia Shapiro

Hire an Esquire CEO