What We’re Grateful For at Hire an Esquire


Who said you have to wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful for the good things in your life? We as human beings are on a constant search for happiness, as if we do not have enough of it already. Gratitude helps us realize what we possess and how to value it, while having tangible benefits on your health and well being (says Science!).

Whether it be that new job you just scored at a dynamic company or that guy who just saved you 20 minutes by holding the door open for you on the D train, find time to reflect and appreciate the small things that make us happier in our work and our lives.   

At Hire an Esquire, we take gratitude seriously.  For example, one of our monthly awards for the employee that best embodies the Hire an Esquire values is “compliments.”  At every Monday team meeting that month, we go around the room and every person compliments the winner on something they appreciate about that person.  It’s things like this that create a positive environment, which leads to pleased customers and a cheerful HaE staff.

Inspired by our friend in the legal tech community David Schnurman, CEO of LawLine and FurtherEd, who writes that Being Grateful Today Leads to Happiness Tomorrow, we wanted to share the things that we at Hire an Esquire are grateful for at this moment.

I am grateful for….

Julia Shapiro:

  1. Getting to work with my best friend (Jules) and my cousin (Andy) as co-founders

  2. The entire Hire an Esquire team... and no longer doing sales/ customer support/ marketing/ verification/ recruiting/ html/ fundraising/ and a million other things by myself

  3. Rent control and waking up to a panorama of San Francisco

  4. My dad who saved me from financial career shackles by persuading me to take the undergrad and law school options that came with academic scholarships over fancy names and debt

  5. Virgin America direct flights from San Francisco to New York

Cousin-Co-Founder-Best Friend Sandwich

Jules Miller:

  1. Our amazing Hire an Esquire team!

  2. Being able to live in the incredible city of New York, which inspires me every day

  3. Other entrepreneurs out there hustling - even if I don’t know you personally, it helps to know you’re out there going through the same highs and lows

  4. Strong coffee

  5. All the people who told us “no” or “you can’t do it that way” or “you’re not venture-backable” - you drive me harder to prove you wrong and make Hire an Esquire a massive success

Andy Somerville:

  1. Static cling glass fog

  2. Other people’s pet dogs

  3. The Summer

  4. Cookies

Chris Shu:

  1. Being able to travel to different places

  2. Having supportive friends, family and colleagues

  3. Delicious food

  4. Working at a cool company doing something that interests me

  5. The focactus* on my desk

Ginni Chen:

  1. Living in the same city as my brother and seeing him often

  2. Mountains, cliffs, and rocks to surmount.

  3. Working with people who I like and who all have a great sense of humor

  4. The salad guy at Cafe Tomato. You think I’m joking but without him I would starve.

  5. The endless supply of pens at WeWork because I keep losing them.

Greg Iagrosse:

  1. Pret a Manger croissants

  2. Wonderful company executives who are doing a great job leading the team and company

  3. Awesome co-workers that are always willing to help each other out

  4. My wonderful family and support system

  5. Video games and books

Lia Winograd:

  1. Living in the epicenter of business and entrepreneurship

  2. Good health

  3. Lovely summer weather

  4. Seeing a park and trees outside my window

  5. Working with a talented team

Lenny Pratt:

  1. Extra toasty Cheez-Its, so I don’t have to toast them myself anymore

  2. Being a part of such a cool and forward-thinking company

  3. Amazing new Pittsburgh office

Max Sivin:

  1. Living close to the beach

  2. An abundance of New Yorks sports teams to root for

  3. Being part of the legal industry as it changes direction

  4. Wonderful children and family to spend time with and enjoy life

  5. Smart colleagues who constantly challenge each other

Mike Hampton

  1. Emacs

  2. Coffee

  3. My wife

  4. Fun work environment.

  5. Hammer pants

Wallace Young:

  1. Warriors basketball (Bay Area sports in general)

  2. Al pastor tacos from Taqueria Cancun

  3. The Mountains

  4. Supportive and inspiring friends, family & coworkers

  5. Weekends

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.”

- John F. Kennedy.

Ashley Velazquez:

  1. Being a part of the HaE team! (Seriously, I’m getting the jist that everyone here is awesome-sauce.)

  2. My mother - She is still raising the roof and running people over with her wheelchair.

  3. Strawberries - I would die without their awesome flavor.

  4. Books - Knowledge is power. Creativity inspires. Diversity knows no bounds.

  5. Cameras - Because beautiful moments should be captured.

Mike Smith

  1. Cinnamon Life Cereal

  2. A wife who having been a civil engineer and lawyer is extremely logical.

  3. Sports of every type, and friends who like to make small wagers at any time.

  4. My two boys, who are all the perspective you can ever need.

What are you grateful for?