What's In a Cup of Coffee? 6 Things You Didn't Know About Coffee


Let’s start off with a game of TRUE OR FALSE to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions we have about J.D.s and their java habits!

1. Attorneys consume more coffee that people in any other profession. TRUE OR FALSE?

FALSE. People naturally assume this because attorneys have such crazy schedules and a high pressure work environment. They’re depicted as working from morning until night, slaving away in their offices sorting through files upon files for due diligence projects, reviewing contracts, writing memos, and otherwise drowning in work.  

After Dunkin’ Donuts & Career Builder did a survey on U.S. coffee consumption trends, that assumption has been put to rest! According to the survey, attorneys and judges do not make the list of the top 15 professions that consume coffee in order to make it through the day. Surprising? I was stunned too.


2. Supreme Court Justices get their own coffee. TRUE OR FALSE?

FALSE. Sources say that newly appointed Supreme Court Justices end up being the group’s runner in that they’re opening doors, answering phones, taking meeting minutes, and -- get this -- pouring coffee for their colleagues!

Supreme Court Justice Breyer reports that since three new justices have been brought on, he no longer has to fetch coffee for the rest. (Not that he was truly amazing at it anyway, as rumored!)

3. Coffee is healthy for you. TRUE OR FALSE?

FALSE. While there are some perks to drinking coffee such as having a lower risk of heart disease, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s, the drawbacks hold much more weight. Coffee contains caffeine, and for those who don’t know, caffeine is just as addictive as a drug. Individuals can go through withdrawal if they don’t have enough coffee a day!

Read a testimonial from a fellow coffee addicted lawyer here and his solution to coffee.

4. The world record for most coffee consumption is 82 cups in 7 hours. TRUE OR FALSE?

TRUE, but do not try this at home (or at your desk)! People with preexisting conditions like insomnia, high or low blood pressure, and anxiety issues should limit their coffee use as it can worsen these conditions.

Health Institutions say that more than 4 cups of coffee a day can bring about restlessness, insomnia, irritability, and more. Attorneys already work in a high pressure environment. Drinking too much coffee could negatively influence one’s work dynamic and bring about more than they bargained for.

5. Law firms are embracing coffee alternatives. TRUE OR FALSE?

FALSE. While surveys say attorneys are not on the top 15 list of professions that drink coffee on a daily basis, that does not mean that they’re not drinking coffee.

Some law firms offer complimentary coffee to most, if not all of their employees. For example, Latham & Watkins offers coffee to their employees via an innovative iPad coffee machine. New-found companies like Legal Grind bring attorneys and clients together over a cup of coffee.

However, law firms should also be offering alternatives to coffee in order to avoid the health risks that come with drinking too much coffee, to offer their workers non-caffeinated but still convenient options, and to promote a positive and healthy work environment.

What are some alternatives law firms can offer?

Coconut water

It’s all the rage now, and it has several health benefits. Coconut water has electrolytes and high potassium levels, which helps you stay hydrated. It also contains fewer calories and lower amounts of sodium than sports drinks, sodas, or other fruit juices.


Tea is also a great coffee alternative - it has antioxidants, loads of Vitamin B, and some have absolutely no caffeine whatsoever. As scary as that may sound, you’ll have more energy throughout the day without any of the 3:00PM crashes. Try replacing coffee with some of the following brews:

Green tea contains some caffeine, but far less than coffee, so it can give you the same boost of energy that coffee can, minus those nasty jitters that follow afterwards. Like most teas, it has antioxidants and nutrients that can prevent disease. Additionally, green tea will increase your brain’s ability to function and make you smarter!

Kombucha Tea will help with memory loss and regulate your digestive system, which is especially helpful when you’ve been glued to your desk, ordering Chinese takeout for the past five days.

Oolong Tea is the relaxer, the disease preventer, and the all-around health promoter of the three. Your stress levels will drop, your skin will feel fantastic, and the aroma will set you in the mood to knock out the day like a champ.

6. The average American purchases $15-25 worth of coffee every week. TRUE OR FALSE?

TRUE. Dear Attorneys, what are you doing with your money? Studies say that the younger you are, the more money you spend on coffee. It seems like people believe they need coffee in order to get through their day, which isn’t true.

Instead of investing in that $5 coffee on a daily basis, and having some poor junior attorney run out and get it for you at the strike of noon, embrace coffee alternatives. No one will knock you for sticking to that coffee cup as if your life depends on it, but in the long run the benefits will outweigh that lack of caffeine in your day.