Why We Verify and How We've Made Verification Smoother


Keeping the Hire an Esquire community safe and verified has been a top priority since launching. Our community managers have always verified the following when attorneys apply to be a part of Hire an Esquire:

Good Standing with The Bar: We verify that all of our attorneys are admitted to practice in one state and are in good standing.

Identity: We confirm that the person registering is actually the attorney listed. There's a lot of information about attorneys listed publicly. It would be easy for anyone to "play lawyer" with publicly available information. Our identity verification measure have already prevented false registrations.

Based on feedback from our attorneys, we've automated the process to make it faster and easier!

Text, Call, and E-mail Identity Verification Has Arrived!

If you have a phone number or e-mail address registered with your bar, you can opt to confirm your identity via e-mail, text message or a phone call when registering.

Miss the chance to interact with our delightful community managers? Drop them a line at support@hireanesquire.com and swing by our New York City office for coffee.

If you're an existing verified Hire an Esquire user, there's no need to do anything additional. These features will make life easier for your peers and friends that you encourage to apply to Hire an Esquire--and we have some new features on the way for you too! Stay tuned for more from us on the Hire an Esquire Magazine!