3 Marketing Tips for Small Law Firms


With so many ways to communicate, it’s getting harder cut through the noise. For small law firms, it can seem a lost cause to be heard amongst the chaos with limited resources and budgets to project your voice. By embracing what makes your company unique and being strategic about your marketing, you can grow your audience and compete in a shifting landscape. Here are our top 3 marketing tips for small law firms:

1. Accentuate the Positive: (Please Don’t Put 40 Practice Areas on your Site)


It’s likely that your clients come to you for help with specific matters. If your marketing site lists every practice area and the kitchen sink, new clients will struggle to figure out how you can help them and move on to someone with clearer messaging. Here, casting a wide net means all of the fish swim away— your potential clients are coming in contact with highly targeted, specific content all day every day. By focusing on your specialties, you will directly speak to the clients that fit your practice. This not only further deepens your expertise, but also make your limited marketing resources pack a stronger more concentrated punch.

2. Content is King: AKA Put Something of Value out into the Interwebs

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Finding time for marketing and business development is incredibly tough while running a small or solo practice. But allocating time in your schedule for creating content that highlights your unique expertise and vantage point is essential to establishing a rapport with potential clients and can be one of the most efficient means of business development. When we sat down with James Goodnow, President and Managing Partner of Fennemore Craig, he wisely advised that managing partners “need to be spending at least 25% of their time on marketing. Period.” If you need a little push and a pep talk to get your blog started this article from Above the Law is a great starting point. Creating original content on a regular basis by yourself is tough, so consider reaching out to friends or colleagues who might be interested in creating a guest post for your blog when you’ve run out of creative juices or time.

3. Be Strategic: AKA Outsource, Automate, and Delegate


Time may just be an illusion, but for now there are still just 24 hours in a day, which means there’s only so much that you can keep on your plate. Choosing what to prioritize can be overwhelming for smaller companies that need all hands on deck just to stay afloat. Fortunately, technology is shrinking the gap in marketing capacity between BigLaw firms with big budgets and small law firms. When you can’t afford to staff a full-time marketing team, it helps to employ automation or freelancers. Probably the most popular form of marketing automation currently assists with email campaigns, but a number of tools exist to outsource marketing operations. Speak to other firms in your space whose marketing you admire and ask to pick their brain on strategy and share referrals for any contractors they may use to orchestrate and support their strategy.

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