Onboarding for Freelance Attorneys and Paralegals


As more firms and in-house legal departments are taking advantage of the practice efficiencies of contract and freelance attorneys and paralegals, we’re getting more questions about the best way to onboard flexible talent.

Building rapport, setting expectations, and integrating a freelance lawyer or paralegal into your operations is just as important as orienting a permanent hire. Great freelancer relationships can help you grow your firm with less overhead and risk —and starting off on the right foot can set you up for years of successful work together.

We’ve put together a checklist from our experience placing over thousands of contract attorneys and paralegals with a variety of law firms and legal departments.

We cover every step of the way from defining expectations, negotiating a final rate, setting up technologies, to maintaining communication. Download our checklist to make onboarding your next freelance attorney or paralegal a breeze!