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August 15, 2018

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Collaborate or Die. The State Bar of California’s Legal Market Landscape Report finds the legal profession at an inflection point. To survive, lawyers must closely collaborate with allied professionals from other disciplines and ethics rules need to be modified accordingly. Check out Heather Morse’s analysis on the Legal Watercooler blog.

The David and Goliath of Legal Research. The legal research service Casetext announced the release of Casetext for small law, giving small firms the benefits of Westlaw or Lexis Advance at an affordable price. CEO Jake Heller hopes that this will level the playing field between small and big firms as they prepare for trial. It’s also likely to heat up the battle of startup versus established monoliths in the legal research market.

Disruption via Discretion. Amy Porter, the founder of LawPay, breaks down her secrets of success for legal tech developers in this 14 minute Legal Rebels ep: find out what lawyers really need—then build the solution in a way that makes lawyers' lives easier, and doesn’t disrupt their workflow.

Big News from the Big 4. The American Lawyer discusses Ernst & Young’s planned acquisition of Riverview Law as evidence of bolder moves by the Big 4 and greater industry shifts in the US Legal Market while also highlighting the investment stake of DLA Piper and individual DLA partners in Riverview Law and related entities.


More than doc review:
advantages of being a freelance lawyer

Legal staffing is changing — and more and more firms are hiring freelance (or contract) attorneys to lower their expenses and compete in a changing legal market. So where's the opportunity for you? Read more on our blog.

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Labor & Employment Contract Attorney – Minneapolis, MN
Junior Immigration Project Manager – Memphis, TN
Senior ESOP/Corporate Law Contract Attorney – Remote
Local Counsel – Reno, NV
Construction Attorney – Los Angeles, CA
Ongoing Document Review Project – Wheeling, WV
D&Y Onsite Redaction Project – Birmingham, AL
General Commercial Transactions Attorney – New York, NY
Mid-Level Civil Litigation Contract Attorney – Las Vegas, NV

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