The Brief No. 16: Ultimate Guide to Good Legal Writing

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November 28, 2018


The Ultimate Guide to Good Legal Writing
Writing well is a skill that transcends profession, but nowhere is it more necessary than in the legal profession, where good writing is essential to the practice of nearly every area of the law. Hire An Esquire’s latest guide is chock full of resources, tips, and best practices to bring your legal writing to the next level.


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Good tech, bad tech: Speaking of guides, Monica Zent has several steps your firm can take to limit the odds of overspending on internal technology or buying tech you don’t need. She suggests looking for quick wins, determining what can be automated, and perhaps most important, not buying tech for tech’s sake. On the other hand, small firms and solos are making big value improvements by developing client-facing tech: one small NY plaintiffs’ firm recently rolled out an online app that allows clients to easily track the progress of their lawsuits. Law firm apps and other tools keep clients happy and help do the low-cost work (including constant communication) that lawyers don’t want to do in the first place.

Gaming for law grads: O’Melveny & Myers found a novel way of evaluating summer associates: have them play games online. The Biglaw firm has engaged Pymetrics, a game-based recruiting platform, to assess potential law school candidates. Through game-playing, Pymetrics assesses job seekers based on cognitive, social, and emotional traits and then recommends candidates based on its own algorithm, removing any bias based on gender or ethnicity. Candidates from any law school interested in a summer position at the firm will have access to a link online to play beginning in January. Psychometrics FTW.

The more things change: The Association of Corporate Counsel released its 2019 General Counsel Landscape Report yesterday, which found that the typical GC is a middle-aged male, living in California or New York, earning about $408,000 a year with salary and bonuses. The study also found, not surprisingly, that men in GC roles were paid an average of 39% more than women. The upside? Corporations still promote more women into leadership positions than law firms do, and 43% of GCs hired in the past year were women.


Legal Writing Meets Legal Tech
Supplement our Guide to Good Legal Writing with this recent Lawsome podcast with Ivy B. Grey, Director of Business Strategy for WordRake, who discusses the tech tools that can help you improve your writing and how you can increase the speed and accuracy of your editing process.

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