The Brief No. 17: Silicon Valley Success Secrets

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December 5th, 2018

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Silicon Valley Success Secrets

As economic forces continue to create rapid change for the legal and general workforce, how can employers and employees create a new social contract and build successful working relationships? Hire an Esquire shares tips from workplace research and companies where employees are excited to go to work, and explores why keeping lawyers motivated and aware of their full potential in their careers and society may be just what law firms and the world need right now.


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Next Level Motion Practice: Lexis-Nexis launched Context last week billing it as “one of the most significant new legal technologies the industry has seen in some time.” Context provides analytics on motions, case language, judges, and expert witnesses. While other AI tools analyze dockets, Context analyzes the actual text of court documents, including useful language or citations a particular judge may find persuasive. Many new legal products claim to be “game changers” and “AI-driven” and are met with (often valid) industry skepticism. And while newly launched products may represent change that is more incremental than revolutionary, Rick Merrill of Gavelytics echoes the growing industry sentiment that the flood of new products on the market still indicates the beginning of the future of litigation.

Big Four or Big Law? Deloitte’s announcement that it will be opening a 25-lawyer Hong Kong practice in January is ratcheting up the tension in the highly visible competition for clients between the Big Four and Big Law.  Meanwhile, Big Law has been luring some of Big Four’s lawyers back into law firm life—making talent another battle in the growing war between the Big Four and Big Law for the hearts, minds, and budgets of legal departments.

On My Own: Thinking of setting up your own law practice in 2019? If you’re coming from a Big Law background, get used to new client arrangements. There are many advantages to working in a small firm including greater client contact and shorter partnership tracks. And finding that niche area of law that didn’t exist 15 years ago may just be your path to legal success. If 2019 is your year to take the solo leap, Carolyn Elefant from MyShingle has an excellent guide on what you need to start out lean.

The Best of the Legal Web: The ABA Journal released its Web 100, a list of its favorite web tools, blogs, podcasts and Twitter accounts. Let us know if you have a favorite.


This episode of Technically Legal discusses the adoption of the Chief Knowledge Officer at large law firms— and the related challenges. Vishal Agnihotri, Chief Knowledge Officer at Hinshaw & Culbertson, explains why organizing, streamlining and automating knowledge management has become crucial to law firms (spoiler alert- it’s client and market-driven).

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