The Brief No. 18: The Lawyer Gift Guide

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December 12, 2018

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Gifts to Bring Joy, Wellness, and Inspiration to Your Favorite Lawyer

What do you buy for your favorite legal professional who never stops working? Hire an Esquire has it covered with a curated list of 8 gifts that can make life a little better, healthier, and more fun for Lawyers (or anyone) under the gun.


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It Doesn’t Get Better: Despite all of the discourse and claims that “TimesUp” for gender discrimination, the gender gap seems to be growing where it matters. A new partner compensation survey released last week reported a 53% pay gap between male and female partners— the largest in the survey’s 8-year history. This supports other released research debunking common explanations that women’s career paths and paychecks are different due to prioritizing “family”, showing that “leaning in” does not improve women’s standing in their careers.  

Legal Tech Shopping Spree: Fresh off its acquisition of LexPredict, Elevate has acquired Sumati Group, adding Sumati’s proprietary software for contract review and analysis to Elevate’s existing technology arsenal. John Croft, co-founder of Elevate, warns that this is only one of several acquisitions to come in the months ahead. Consolidation and building a “tech arsenal” seems to be one way that the largest LPOs are approaching competition. Regardless of approach, Pranav Mistry, Head of Innovation at Samsung Mobile echoes a fairly familiar sentiment these days that those in the legal industry must innovate or die.

Social Justice Super Powers: Law firms, law departments, and lawyers were recognized at The American Lawyer Industry Awards last week. This year the categories were updated to reflect the challenges and opportunities the legal industry faces. Cravath, Swaine & Moore was recognized for an all-female incoming partner class (we want to see how their paychecks stack up to their male colleagues) and Kirkland & Ellis was recognized as law firm of the year for over 126,000 hours of pro bono work. Lifetime Achievement Award honorees echoed a common sentiment that the legal profession has “a great duty to serve our country”. Time will tell if the legal industry will be an agent of social change, but Attorney of the Year Grace Speights’ #MeToo work illustrates how lawyers can rise to challenge.

Naughty or Nice? While Kirkland & Ellis was recognized as law firm of the year at The American Lawyer Awards for their 126,000 hours of pro bono work, not all is rosy and bright. Following weeks of protests from elite law school students on a nationwide level, Kirkland & Ellis has agreed to eliminate mandatory arbitration for non-attorney staff. Kirkland previously removed mandatory arbitration for associates and former associates. Led by the Pipeline Parity Project at Harvard Law School, this campaign now has its sights set on DLA Piper, and even well beyond the legal industry— signaling an energized new generation of socially justice minded lawyers.

The Rich Get Richer:  2018 set a record for revenue growth for law firms who had their strongest annual performance in a decade. Much of this growth was concentrated at the top and driven by revenue from elite law firms— which explains the frothiness of BigLaw bonuses this year that have ranged from 3 times the market rate to mega-bonuses upwards of $225,000.


In this episode of @theBar, Jayne Reardon and Judge Clare McWilliams discuss the erosion of civility in the legal profession. Presidential tweets and internet trolls are no justification for using salty language with a judge or for treating your fellow lawyer with disdain. It’s time to shift the legal profession back to one of greater respect and civility, starting in the courtroom.

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