The Brief No. 26: The Future of Hiring is Here: Introducing Fit Score Assessments

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February 13, 2019

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Trim the fat from your hiring process with Hire an Esquire’s Fit Score Assessments. Find out how we help clients focus on the right selection of candidates, evaluate which attributes will be most effective for each position, and predict high-performing employees.

We also want to hear from you what other features and tools you need to grow and improve your legal team.

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Two Way Black Mirrors: In the wake of data privacy accusations against Facebook, a Tech Crunch report revealed that other companies have been recording activities of unwitting users via their iPhone apps. In response, Apple has threatened to remove such apps from their App Store, hoping to regain confidence from users who generally distrust tech providers. Some people, though, have the resources to retaliate against privacy attacks. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos turned the tables on The National Enquirer, divulging the newspaper’s plan to blackmail him with private photos in exchange for The Washington Post (also Bezos-owned) agreeing to discontinue reports of The Enquirer’s political ties. Other reporters have since come forward with similar allegations.

Legal Tech Gold Rush: Law firms are scrambling for a ticket on the legal tech train. First, Wilson Sonsini announced the creation of a new software development business, which they hope will streamline services and generate client appeal. Not to be outdone, several other firms have heavily invested in a legal tech provider that specializes in machine learning. Across the Pacific, Singapore is set to deploy Asia’s first legal tech startup accelerator. While the residents at the top of the legal hourglass unload their deep pockets into tech, Microsoft is making clients’ lives easier with their Legal Navigator, an AI-driven platform that will help connect users with legal resources.

Sanity and Standards: The Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry (SALI) Alliance is working towards developing a standard language for legal services. If the classification system is successful, it will undoubtedly shift the client/attorney dynamic, making it easier for clients to reliably compare performance and pricing, while enabling firms to more efficiently employ legal tech. While critics question the alliance’s ability to cleanly categorize the subtleties of law practice, SALI insists that “lawyers and firms will be able to ‘extend’ the standards to fit their own nuances.”

Do as I Code, Not as I Do: As BigLaw attempts to address diversity concerns, agencies struggle to erase bias from the hiring process. Statistics show that consistent, structured interviews improve objectivity over free-form, on-the-fly methods. Still, others suggest that it’s best to remove humans from the equation altogether, instead relying on intelligence of the artificial kind. Unfortunately, as explained in a recent MIT review, biases can wriggle into AI at virtually (pun somewhat intended) every stage of development and operation; and for AI to have a central role in hiring, we’ll need to figure out how to keep prejudice out of the equation.

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This week’s episode of the LawNext podcast features Mark Chandler, CLO of Cisco. As a leader of innovation and tech, he shares valuable insight into how legal departments can evolve in order to successfully serve clients. Chandler also discusses AI, blockchain, ALSPs, and other major factors in the shifting legal landscape.

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