The Brief No. 41: All the Non-Mueller Happenings

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June 5, 2019

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Part of the HaE team is headed to the P3 Practice Innovation Conference, June 12-14.  Strategic pricing directors from law firms across the US and others at the forefront of lean practice management and pricing innovation will ascend on Chicago to discuss current trends and continue to build the future of lean law and legal pricing. We’ve rounded up our best content as we pregame for P3.

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May’s May Exit from Brexit: In what might have felt overdue by some, British Prime Minister Theresa May resigned on May 24 after three years fraught with internal tension over Brexit and failed negotiations with the EU. The current leading replacement for PM  is Boris Johnson, but he’s been ordered to appear in court for presenting false information to the public in the 2016 referendum campaign to sway voters towards Brexit and this could potentially knock him out of the running. Meanwhile in the 2019 European parliamentary elections, center parties on both sides lost ground while the fringes grow. Many major law firms, now including DLA Piper, watch from the safety of Dublin waiting to see where the dice will finally land.

Rocking the Boat: The Trump team proved to once again be a leaky ship . The latest controversy involves leaked emails between White House officials and Navy officials regarding moving or hiding the USS John S McCain from view during Trump’s visit to Japan. Trump claims that this was the result of an eager but misguided staff member, presumably thinking that the mere sight of the late Senator McCain’s namesake would enrage the President. While pundits surmise about the machinations of the Wild Wild White House, US stocks continue to hit choppy seas in the face of the US-China trade war.

Crosscheck on Settlement: In a sudden change of direction, Boeing and their counsel have agreed to talk settlement details and bring in a mediator with family members suing on behalf of victims of Lion Air Flight 610 in Indonesia, one of two crashes that caused Boeing to pull all 737 Max 8 planes from the sky. Mediation talks will begin in mid-July, but do not include suits brought by family members of the Ethiopian Airlines flight 302. Also this week, Boeing’s CEO Dennis Muilenberg made two highly visible appearances on CBS and at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference to take accountability, repair trust, and hopefully avoid a resignation.

F.ederal B.ureau of I.nequality: The FBI is on the receiving end of a lawsuit from 16 women alleging sexual harassment, discrimination, and a hostile work environment, saying specifically that the FBI “allowed the Good Old Boy network to flourish.” The women are seeking reforms in the training process, hire more female instructors, and pay out $300,000 in damages to each woman for emotional stress.

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Our team sat down with Nick Rishwain and Ivan Raiklin of the LegalTechLive podcast for their 50th episode to discuss Hire an Esquire’s growth and evolution over the years and how our latest integration of psychometrics into our platform is changing legal hiring and the future of (finding) work.

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