The Brief No. 47: The R-Word

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July 24, 2019

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Top 6 Practice Areas for Contract Attorneys Curious about what areas of law practice are ripest for outsourcing and where others are using contract attorneys the most? We’ve compiled a list based on thousands of job postings in our system to give you some ideas and inspiration for what work you may be able to outsource to contract attorneys for your own practice. We hope that you can find some opportunities for legal outsourcing to give you a little bit more beach or relaxation time this summer or a less hectic fall.

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The R-Word: As Trump’s comments against four freshman congresswoman dominated headlines and the US House, conservative lawyer groups, and judges condemned the  President’s comments (and the icon status of “The Squad” grew), key news involving regulation and rescuers slipped under the public radar. Congressional hearings of regulating tech giants continued with little action and attention in the states, as the EU proceeded with investigations and fines. The EPA announced it would not ban a previously banned pesticide associated with developmental disabilities and health problems in children as a governmental watchdog agency found ethics violations by POTUS for removing Scientists from the EPA who were replaced with industry leadership. In a blow to the many 9/11 first responders with serious and terminal illnesses, Senator Rand Paul blocked the 9/11 rescuer fund compensation bill in the senate that unanimously passed the house.

Celebrating Stevens: The announcement of Justice John Paul Stevens passing came at press time of last week’s brief. This week we fondly remember the gentleman, scholar, and Supreme Court Justice. Stevens was appointed by President Gerald Ford in 1975 and served for 34 years until his 2010 retirement. In Above the Law, Elie Mystal noted how Stevens, a moderate mid-century Republican, was associated with the liberal wing of the court as the party took a radical swing to the right and Staci Zaretsky noted how he treated everyone with respect and made quiet, polite, gracious stances again inequality. As for the HaE Team, Stevens is one of our top draft picks for our own “Fantasy Supreme Court” and we’ve been wearing virtual bowties all week. 

The Law of Disaster-Proofing: Climate change is causing unprecedented heat waves and a rise of illnesses and deaths from flesh-eating bacteria contracted during traditional summer water activities. As the Ebola outbreak in the Congo spread to larger cities and continued to rack up fatalities, it was officially declared an international emergency with climate change a current and accelerating factor in the spread of the disease. Internationally, many nations are taking aggressive climate change action as are individual US states. New York passed the most ambitious state bill requiring an 85 percent reduction from 1990 levels over the next three decades and a carbon-free electric system by 2040. As current and projected economic impact and business disruption from climate change is calculated, others are seeing more immediate economic indicators of a looming recession and the legal industry is discussing strategies to shore up business. Attorneys who still have the battlescars of the last recession are betting that compliance, governance, risk management, and some areas of litigation will help to weather the storm.  

Keep Ya’ Head Up: Check out this thoughtful and important LinkedIn conversation sparked by the ALM article “Constantly on Call: The Client’s Role in the Legal Profession’s Mental Health Crisis” and the response of NetApp’s General Counsel, Matt Fawcett. Also, an Iowa lawyer and bureaucrat is receiving an outpouring of twitter support as news broke that he was potentially fired for interspersing too much Tupac into the office with his Tupac Fridays and frequent use of inspirational quotes by the late rapper.

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Summer means travel (probably) and what are you going to do on that 6 hour drive/layover? Catch up on the latest and greatest and get inspired with the Lawyerists round-up of top podcasts. Special shout out to Nicole Abboud and Karima Gulick the hosts of HaE team favorite The Gen Y Lawyer which made the list.

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