The Brief No. 7: Announcing #TriviaTuesday! 🎉

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September 26, 2018


We all know Tuesdays are the worst, so we’re giving you something to look forward to on that most dreaded of weekdays: #TriviaTuesday on Twitter!

Here’s how it works: we’ll tweet three trivia clues every Tuesday at 2:30 pm ET. The first person to @ us with the correct answer wins a prize (and yes, it’s a real prize!). This Tuesday’s take is dessert-related, so you definitely do not want to miss it. Follow us here to join in.

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What’s the big idea? Social media is abuzz with Zach Abramowitz’s latest in Big Law Business about the Trusted Advisor Forum that was hosted at Microsoft last week. Each of Microsoft’s legal vendors was given twenty minutes to showcase two innovations—one for the past, and one for the future—that could have or will improve legal services delivery to Microsoft (are you paying attention, Wal-Mart?). While that’s quite the ask, we hope Microsoft shares some of what they hear—though that might be asking too much.

Three little words: Carolyn Elefant at MyShingle shared a great workaround this week for solos and small firms that are short on cash flow: Earned On Receipt. Though most jurisdictions require lawyers to deposit client funds in a trust account before work is completed, this usually isn’t the case with flat fee services which can be categorized as Earned On Receipt. The flat-fee/earned-on-receipt strategy, she suggests, is one way smaller law firms can infuse themselves with cash given the prohibition on outside ownership or investment. But as James Goodnow reports, that may change sooner than we think.

Out to lunch: A new report out of the U.K., based on mystery shoppers calling law firms to inquire about legal services, found that nearly a quarter of lawyers took longer than 48 hours to return a potential client’s call. In one instance, a mystery shopper called a law firm to inquire and when she asked for the receptionist’s name was told, “it doesn’t matter because I am going to lunch.” Don’t let that be you.

Trains, planes, and autom..ated: In Legaltech this week, James Lee writes that efficiencies in the aviation industry— which drastically reduced the occurrence of human error through automation and computerized assistance— might offer some helpful lessons for the legal profession. Though many lawyers still look at technology as a threat to the billable hour, Lee rightly points out that increased efficiency will actually drive revenues higher and allow law firms to do more with less. After all, there’s a difference between delivering advice and delivering a service.


The Paralegal Voice. While a lot of our news and resources are lawyer focused, we ❤️paralegals and legal assistants, too! The Paralegal Voice, hosted by Vicki Voisin and Carl Morrison, is a needed resource for legal staffers, with episodes running the gamut of how to further your career to enhancing workflow. Take a listen for yourself, or share with a paralegal or legal assistant you love.


Lean Law II: A quick guide to improving your legal staff and operations

What’s the first step? According to lean law experts, it’s creating a process map.

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