The Brief No. 9: Moneyball, #Metoo Laws, and ClioCon Reveals

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October 10, 2018


Let’s play Moneyball: We look at the traits that determine a candidate’s high performance at work—and how assessing for those traits can give you a statistical talent edge over the competition. Read more on our blog about the Moneyball method for hiring.

Congrats to @importexportesq for winning #TriviaTuesday on Twitter this week! She won a piece of Mets artwork (her favorite team!).

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All eyes on Clio: If you attended #ClioCloud9 last week, you might have heard some big news from Clio’s CEO Jack Newton on Thursday: Clio has acquired Lexicata, giving Clio the ability to expand into client management and intake services, and is launching a new product called Clio Grow. Bob Ambrogi writes that this acquisition “marks the first step towards Clio’s vision to provide the first entirely client-centered and firm-focused product suite that will include practice management, CRM, and client intake.”

But wait... there’s more: Newton also announced Clio’s new client referral network, which allows lawyers to refer clients to one another when they face an overflow of work or a conflict. You can read more about the Clio Referral Network here. (Related: read our interview with Doug Bouton about how he used the Hire An Esquire platform to find additional work for his solo practice while he got his startup off the ground.)

#MeToo comes at you fast: California Governor Jerry Brown signed a flurry of employment-related legislation last week to close out the legislative year, including expanding the requirement for sexual harassment training to companies with five or more employees (down from fifty); a quota requirement for women on corporate boards (the constitutionality of which is questionable); and a requirement for lactation accommodations, among others. Still, even as California is making strides, the USA Today reported that many other states have a long way to go—and most laws that are signed are very limited in scope.

Meanwhile, newly minted U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has kept his promise to hire only female law clerks in his new role. All former Appeals Court clerks, the four women met with Justice Kavanaugh on Sunday to prepare him for his first round of arguments this week.


Clio Cloud 2018: The 2018 Legal Trends Report. In this episode of On The Road for the Legal Talk Network, George Psiharis discusses how much time lawyers lose every day, why less billing could help a firm earn more, where lawyer reporting data comes from and how that data differs from client expectations. You can access the full 2018 Legal Trends Report here.

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