The Flexible Legal Talent Market


We didn’t expect to be the only ones…

When Hire an Esquire started as a nights and weekends passion project 8 years ago, we were the first to bring legal staffing into the digital age. We didn’t expect to be the only ones—the genesis of HAE was looking for a similar product to use and being surprised that it didn’t already exist. As we expected, in the last few years, others have entered the market and we get lots of questions about how we’re different. 

And we’re not for everyone—different products can work better for different scenarios. For instance, we are a legal staffing and recruiting product focused on freelancers and contract attorneys for law practices—we can’t work with individuals or small businesses without a lawyer/ legal department. Some marketplaces are focused on just that. Here’s a handy chart of how Hire an Esquire compares to other providers (Axiom, Robert Half, Special Counsel, Legably, LawClerk, UpCounsel, Priori, etc.) so that you can see what is right for you.

Competitor Table - Axiom, Robert Half, Special Counsel, Legably, LawClerk, UpCounsel, Priori

To summarize our table, Hire an Esquire’s main differentiators are:  

  1. Breadth of our Network: As the most established legal marketplace (According to the CA Bar’s 2018 Legal Landscape Report). We’ve been building our network and refining our screening process for 8 years and now have ~2% of the active US attorney population on our platform with a wide geographic and practice area reach. Our metrics say it all, we have a 71% job fulfillment rate versus the industry average of 44%.

  2. Vetting and Moneyball: We have the most intensive screening and vetting process of any of the legal marketplaces and are the only legal staffing solution, digital OR brick and mortar, that uses research-backed and proven psychometrics to predict the performance and fit of your hire. 

  3. Product Sophistication: We’ve spent 8 years building and refining our product and user experience to make staffing as fast, simple, and precise as possible—Moneyball was product of testing how to best accomplish this goal. Many other marketplaces still have a strong manual component (we get it, we’ve been there). In 2019 after years of product refinement > 70% of our placements have resulted from our instant machine recommendations.

  4. Professional Responsibility and Employment Compliance: We are the only legal marketplace to have full staffing functionality and to act as the employer of record, which is particularly important in states that follow the ABC test for employment classification. Also, staffing and placement services are permitted by the ABA model rules on fee-sharing adopted by the majority of states. We urge attorneys to do their diligence on fee-sharing rules before signing up for non-staffing marketplaces or those that connect them directly with clients versus law firms, in-house legal departments, and legal service firms. 

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