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Instantly connect with vetted and experienced freelance lawyers to help your in-house legal department or law firm with:

  • Licensing and Applications

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Corporate and Employment Law

  • Product Liability, Negligence, and Class Actions

  • Real Estate, Environmental, Land and Leasing Transactions


Network Spotlight

Marijuana and Cannabis Licensing and Application Attorneys

Cross-Border Regulatory and Transactions Attorney

  • US-Mexico/cross-border compliance
  • Corporate, Tax, Import/Export, Permitting, Employment
  • Cannabis supply chain, distribution and waste disposal
Marijuana and Cannabis Licensing and Application Attorneys

Cannabis Licensing Attorney

  • Helped write the laws for commercial cannabis for California
  • Assisted with cannabis business license applications in multiple states
  • Experienced with regulatory compliance for growth, distribution and dispensary operations
Marijuana and Cannabis Licensing and Application Attorneys

Cannabis Securities and Compliance Attorney

  • Former Cannabis industry GC
  • Securities, regulatory and financial markets, corporate compliance for the Cannabis industry
  • Pre-IPO Cannabis industry experience
Marijuana and Cannabis Licensing and Application Attorneys

Cannabis Application Writer

  • Extensive work in the Cannabis Industry
  • Compliance re: all aspects of opening and maintaining a legal cannabis operation
  • Accomplished legal writer with experience drafting medical cannabis and cannabis business license applications

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