Frequently Asked Questions

for Firms and Hiring Agents

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Who can hire an attorney on Hire an Esquire?

Hire An Esquire is a legal staffing tool for law firms and attorneys. We work with law firms of all sizes, from boutique/small firms to large Am Law 50-200 Firms to in-house legal departments. To hire on our platform, an attorney or legal team must oversee any legal professionals contracted from Hire an Esquire's platform. It's not for individuals who need a lawyer or paralegal.

Can I hire an attorney as an employee after working with the attorney on a project?

Sure! We work with you to set up an arrangement that works for everyone and complies with our Terms of Service. There is a buyout fee that goes to Hire an Esquire, and almost 50% of our temporary engagements with Fortune 500 companies have transitioned into permanent roles!


How do I know whether I should classify a hire as a 1099 contractor or W-2 employee?

It's critical that you correctly determine whether you are engaging an attorney on a 1099 basis as an independent contractor or on a W-2 basis as an employee. Classification depends on various factors of the engagement and we recommend that you examine federal, state, and local guidelines for proper employee vs. independent contractor classification. The IRS provides additional resources for classifying workers here.

This is not to be construed as legal advice. Please consult your legal counsel for more information regarding proper classification of employees


Can anyone post a job on Hire An Esquire?

Only law firms (including solos!) and companies with in-house counsel can post a job on the Hire An Esquire platform.

Once you post a job, we ensure that you are a valid law practice and job poster, and that your needs align with what Hire an Esquire is able to provide. A Community Manager will research your firm or business with publicly available information and contact you within 24 hours. Signing up with an email address from your active business domain website will speed up the verification process and allow you to begin using Hire an Esquire quicker.


How much does it cost to post a job on the Hire An Esquire platform?

Job posts are free — only pay when when you make a hire. Nothing. Hiring firms only pay when they make a hire. View our pricing structure.


Do attorneys or paralegals have to pay to be a part of the Hire An Esquire network?

No. We don't charge attorneys, paralegals, or other legal professionals to join our network. Learn about how Hire An Esquire works for attorneys and paralegals.