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Is Hire An Esquire for attorneys only?

No! We also match paralegals, legal assistants, legal administrators, law librarians, and other legal specialists to a wide variety of jobs every day.

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What information do I have to submit to get on the network?

Attorneys and legal professionals must submit your legal name and bar license information in order to register for Hire an Esquire. With this information, we can verify that you are an actively barred attorney in good standing.

All members must submit three (3) professional references. References can be from satisfied clients, direct coworkers, or previous employers.


What type of work can I do through the Hire An Esquire platform?

Any legal work and projects that you are competent to handle and permitted to do based on jurisdictional restrictions. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with your jurisdiction’s rules of professional conduct. Projects range from document review, to court appearances, appellate briefs, research projects, trademarks, intellectual property work, and more. Projects may be on-site, off-site or a combination of both.

Once the hiring agent approves your billed hours, a direct deposit payment is sent to the bank account you provided in your Hire an Esquire profile. Attorneys are paid every Friday.


How is Hire An Esquire different than a temp agency?

Temp agencies find the positions and try to place attorneys in them the same way that they did decades ago: with a recruiter as the middleman and an excess of manual effort. With these time-consuming efforts, agencies control the relationship and skim a hefty fee off the top of the hourly billable rate.

Our platform grants attorneys access to a large variety of legal work. As an attorney at Hire an Esquire, you’re the boss! You have the flexibility and control to search for available jobs, choose whether to apply, and accept offers depending upon your schedule and needs. With our efficient platform, lower overhead, and transparent pricing, you typically receive a higher hourly rate .


Is my attorney information public?

Attorney profile information is not public and can only be viewed by firms and companies registered with and vetted by Hire an Esquire.


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