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Flexible and Cost-Effective

Legal staff when you need them, not when you don’t

Get access to our network of over 12,000 vetted attorneys and legal professionals on-demand. From one-off research projects to ongoing litigation. secondment, and direct hires we have high-quality legal professionals ready to step in and free up resources for your firm or legal department.

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Easy and Instant

Connect directly with candidates in seconds, not days

Get instant recommendations from our national network optimized by location, practice areas, past performance, soft skills, expertise, and more. Select and message candidates directly on our platform

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Data-driven matches

Bullseye fit, backed by science

We use 85 years of Organizational Psychology research to create custom Psychometric assessments for each role. No more sifting through hundreds of applicants to find the right fit, let our proprietary, proven method pinpoints the best fit so you can tackle that overflowing inbox.

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You control the hiring process—from start to finish

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Thanks to advanced algorithms, predictive behavior analytics, and a user-friendly platform, Hire an Esquire is a win-win for both sides of the hiring equation, matching up job posters and candidates faster than ever before.

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