Legal Luminary Hi Leva Talks Legaltech

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Legal Luminary Hi Leva Talks Legaltech

The legal industry is going through a fascinating evolution. Processes and systems relied on for decades are being scrutinized and optimized to meet client demands for efficiency, transparency, and value. 

Hire an Esquire’s Chief Revenue Officer, Hi Leva, sat down with Mary Juetten of Evolve Law to discuss these changes and examine how law firms can use legaltech to update the way they provide legal services to meet, and even exceed, client expectations.

Listen to the Legal Luminary episode here.

Here are our favorite takeaways from the episode:

“Legal is the final bastion of corporate innovation”

Hi was drawn to the legal industry after a long and successful career in finance and telecom. Where fintech and even medtech have already innovated their respective industries, the legal industry is still on the cusp of it’s big transition into the future. Helping the transition are the more than 700 legal technology startups worldwide, each taking a piece of the legal service delivery model and rebuilding it, generating $3 billion in the U.S. alone and contributing to a legal industry that is on track to generate an annual $815 billion at the close of 2017. It’s an exciting time to be part of legaltech!

Hi Leva Chief Revenue Officer

Hi Leva
Cheif Revenue Officer at Hire an Esquire

A business model ripe for change”

Many of the processes used in law firms and legal departments, could use a dusting, if not a shake up. Processes like staffing, procurement, document review, contract drafting, litigation financing, and dispute resolution are all being evolved through the use of technology. Whether through SAAS models, AI, or intelligent design, these areas and many others are experiencing breakthroughs that deliver better value and experience to clients. They should be assessed and celebrated, not feared.

Mary Juetten
Managing Director at Evolve Law

Examine Your DNA”

This one is a favorite of ours. Every organization is unique – from the way they are built, run, and staffed, to the way they track and measure success – each organization has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Solutions that are right for one firm may not be right for another. New processes that deliver incredible success in one legal department may fail in another. Taking the time to assess current processes and workflows and understanding your organization’s DNA is key to crafting solutions that will perform well and be used.

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